About my 'voices'.. can you relate?

Hello. I just joined this message board and wanted to talk a bit about voices. I have 2 17-year old (I’m 25) sounding dudes that I hear outside of my head. I haven’t heard them much at all since I’ve been on Invega sustenna, but they are very rude and much less intelligent than me. They have their own personalities. They just call me names like ‘retard’ and ‘douchebag’ and comment on my thoughts and actions. They say things that I would never think to say to someone. They were very distressing for a while, but now I’m over their harassment. They used to (and infrequently still do) come through wind or static sounds like ventilation, white noise, and passing cars. Anyway, I would just like to hear if anyone can relate. Thank you for your time.


I can completely relate. When I was at my worst, my voices would beat me up. I was convinced they would win in convincing me to harm myself. In fact they nearly did. I tried to leave this life.

But as I got more med compliant and stable, they faded. They are still with me. There are about 5. No where nearly as horrid and abusive as they used to be. As I have gotten better and stronger, they have gotten more benign. Now they chatter, but they are easy to ignore.

No abuse,… just panic, silliness and nonsense. It gets easier every year.

When they do get louder and want to play rough, it’s usually a sign that I forgot my meds or I’m in a stress situation that is getting out of hand for me.

i can relate a little. i have many voices both male and female but inside my head. mine have their own personalities too. mine arent more intelligent than me but one of them is more articulate. mine r trying to get me to commit suicide, which obviously won’t happen but that’s what they want anyway. they tried this b4 but obviously i never did it. now they have changed their tactics and instead of guilt tripping me for things i’ve obviously never done they now say they can induce an out of body personality to rape me on a continual basis until i kill myself or they put the tablets in my stomach in an out of body manner when they decide i’ve had enough. what they don’t bank on is my love for my children, meaning i would never kill myself voluntarily at all. voices as such don’t really bother me anymore. they’re a pain but i’ve had them for nearly 14 years now so i’m used to them. the people behind the voices put in the programming to try and make me hal ucinate visually but it didn’t work. all i did was dream about seeing things, i understand ur feelings and ur antipathy towards the voices though. mine r based on a typical persecution complex because i was raped by someone famous when i was 15 years old. i have the scars to proove it. theyve tried to make me look schiz so that it never comes to court. and also the suicide ■■■■ is a way to get rid of me as i’m otherwise younger than them and pretty healthy. in order to silence me, they have to keep on sending their mercenaries back to make me forget about the origial incident otherwise i could take them to court. so they programmed in the voices. s’ok though. i can cope :smiley:

Good to know you’re getting better. Gives me more hope. I like how you said when they want to “play rough” because I know what you mean. If I tell them to shut up or something they would threaten to kill me. This used to scare me a bit because I didn’t know if they were real people telepathically communicating to me and would find me. It’s getting better for me, too. I speak my mind to them (it gets real mean, but…) And I’m just like come try to kill me you ****s I dare ya. haha. and they usually are at a loss of words for a little bit. :slight_smile: They are still with me, too. I can hear them talking amongst themselves sometimes. Very rarely mess with me. Anyway if they are extradimensional energy parasite spirits like i think they sometimes are. I’ll break their noses in the distant afterlife maybe :slight_smile:

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jayne, that sounds rough. I’m lucky my voices weren’t so complex and sinister. Keep on keepin on. :slight_smile: You’re probably a very strong person for having to endure that!

thanx sam xxx so long as i have people to talk to i’ll b fine i think xxx

I can relate to voices, too. I have a male one inside my head, like an alien set of thoughts apart from mine. He calls me ■■■■■■■, liar, hypocrite and pretender, pretty degrading and rude stuff. Dunno if it is the devil or what, I call it my alien, but he’s definitely not my friend!

I can relate too. I was hearing 3-4 voices and one was very harassing. Since the rx was upped I haven’t heard a peep. It’s kind of lonely after all those years now that they are gone. But i’m glad they are gone its more peaceful in my mind.

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Ive had my share of negative voices. Maybe i was somewhat immuned since i used to listen to rap music from back in the day where the artist would diss everyone and thing around them including themself. Made music more real even though i just was able to read their persona or image and not who they actually are. Only difference is the voices could read my mind better then music could. And ones always hounding me on everything i did sucked

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Hip-Hop to me is like a crash course in Sz!
I deal with synchronicity more than outright voices.
Usually the synchronicity is what disrespects and tries both my intelligence and morality, I don’t think about my distinct voices well enough to tell you where they sit on my moral compass.
Being a christian really helps me not to stress because I don’t feel obligated to fight or fix anything. I just sit back and occasionally watch God move through and help me out, but when I look harder it just looks like God started the whole Fiasco.

as horrible as voices are , you just have to ignore them, luckily for me i am only getting good voices at the moment, but i feel for you.
take care

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Same here, Thank God!

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Whats the famous person’s name?

I was doing andrew mchale’s tooth hurty joke the other day because my mom had to do some dental work.

The next few days we were out back and she said her tooth hurt again, my voices said to ask her what time it was.

It was 2:30. They knew it was tooth hurty.

They also make me look at the clock at the same times over and over again, and then some more, and then some more. And then again and again, and then some more and more and more and more.

I ask, or used to ask “who are you exactly?” and they just say “satan.” They told me to quite asking eventually because i asked so much.

I asked them what they want, they said “we want you to kill yourself.”

Here ill ask them something for you, “why not just kill me if you want me dead?”.

“Because we want people to think it was you.” They said.


“Because we hate you. People hate suicide so they will ■■■■ on you even in your death. They will accuse you of selfishness even, but we know better don’t we mikey, yeah you and me we know better.” They said.

“On a side note, stephen king knows about you guys doesn’t he, shapeshifting aliens, come on!”

“Yeah, he knows alright, we laugh about how that book is in the fiction section actually, he even knows about one of our costumes, the thunderbird, we show people that sometimes, a big ■■■■■■■ bird, freaks them out completely.” They said.

“Tell us about your helpers.”

“Well, we have helpers, whats there to say really, they help us, they are all around really, people just like you. Oh you want specifics? They run errands shall we say. Yes, bad bad errands for us.(speaking to someone else) I can’t believe he is doing this right now.” They said.

Well, there is an example.

i don’t want to say as yet hunni xxx