Do you speak to your voices

I try not to speak to mine in hopes they will go away. What about you?

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I talk with them


I don’t speak to my voices because I know they are not real. But if I talked to my voices, I would be the whole day talking, because they never stop. I thought they would stop with medication. Without medication they were so cruel with me. But with medication it’s easier for me to live with them.


I don’t speak with them, but I do talk AT them.
Like… They say “You’re a failure, you should go die” and I reply “I’m not, shut the ■■■■ up”.
Stuff like that.


Only in my head. “Talking to myself” is one of the things that worries my mom. Also I do find they go away more often if I stop talking to them.

They’re dumb as ■■■■ but that’s the trap. I can easily get them to admit they’re lying but then they just push the reset button. As far as they’re concerned none of that ever happened. It’s a game.


I am lucky I don’t have voices since on meds


I tell them to ■■■■ off.


Sometimes I talk to my voices, but usually I let them have their background conversation without me getting involved. Sometimes they’re nice to me, sometimes, they’re neutral, sometimes they spend all night telling me I’m a loser and a sad excuse of a man.

Just depends really. I find if you get upset with them and respond to them when they’re misbehaving, they escalate and it gets worse. If you talk to them when they are being nice, they tend to build you up a bit.

It gets easier when you realize the voices are just your subconscious and internal aspects of yourself trying to get a specific reaction. I am sure most if not all of us would never be a killer, but some of us have probably heard that voice before. Doesn’t mean we secretly want to kill people, it means our sunconscious wants a reaction from us.

This is my thoughts on it anyway. It’s what makes it make sense to me, and how I got my voices to be nicer to me more of the time. Your mileage and beliefs may vary.


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