What did your professionals used to think you had?

What were you diagnosed with before sz/sza and why? Why did they change your diagnosis?

I’m diagnosed sza. Before that they thought I had OCD and depression because I had good insight into my delusions so they thought they could be obsessions. They changed it to unspecified psychosis after my last acute episode, I think they just decided on balance my insight was bad enough to be delusional at that point. Then a while later they changed it to sza because that looks better when they ask for funding.

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I was first diagnosed with bipolar bc I was in a manic state. Then I started to hear voices and had depression so they diagnosed me schizoaffective.

They thought I had ADHD when I was 14, so they put me on ritalin and didn’t investigate further. Ritalin gave me permanent tics, so I quit after a few years.
When I was 21 they checked me for autism and landed on Simple Schizophrenia.
And then finally, a few months ago, they changed it to Paranoid Schizophrenia after realising that I do have positive symptoms.

I feel a little bit bitter about the adhd diagnosis. I feel like I could have been better off if I’d had a proper diagnosis and thereby proper treatment sooner.

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Depression/anxiety, PTSD, psychotic depression, possible borderline personality but never actually diagnosed as such, then sz. I didn’t go through many. It’s pretty much how my illness progressed. I guess I got lucky.

Depression, BPD, bipolar 2, drug-induced psychosis (I was not actually diagnosed with this one)

Not officially sz/sza…yet. My diagnoses right now are schizophreniform and severe GAD.

I was first diagnosed with adjustment disorder. Then delusional disorder and then paranoid schizophrenia.

when i first got sick they diagnosed me with schizophrenia but then i started going to a really crappy clinic and they only focused on the mania and the mood disorder and diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder with psychotic nos. but that changed after a couple of different doctors now they all agree sza with ptsd

Major depression.

I’ve been misdiagnosed with bipolar type 1. I also think my BPD is a misdiagnoses. I believe I was misdiagnosed with ADHD and years later found out I was on the autism spectrum. I guess you can have both however I no longer relate to adhd like when I was a kid. When I was young my mother and doctor thought I was a sociopath.

Forever grateful they figured out about my GAD, OCD, ASD, (the TICS that come with ASD) and psychosis. It’s unfortunate that insomnia, depression, and suicidal ideation ect are common with my illnesses and I experience them frequently. Wish I could just have one problem to focus on, instead of blind guessing which symptom is from which problem?

I was diagnosed as borderline by two pdocs in one hospital. But I don’t believe this. I have something worse. I have bad personality traits cause I am quite depressed and unhappy. There’s just this hospital where everybody has depression or something like this, never sz lol…

I called my boss one day and asked her to come to.the mental clinic to pick.up keys needed for the work. She didnt know i was mentally ill. She was shocked.

And months later i told her…if i dont clean the kitchen for one day it will become a nuthouse. I could hear her getting socked on the phone.

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I was first diagnosed with adhd Also they thought I might be autistic.

When I became a teenager my psychiatrist was manipulating me so she could do whatever she wanted to me. I was diagnosed with everything from depression to bpd to bipolar to a “thought disorder” And at one point my abuser tried to diagnose me with antisocial. Until she finally started going for “psychotic disorder”

After I got out of that ■■■■■■ up situation my next psychiatrist said I was somewhere on the psychotic spectrum and paranoid but I was only 17 so she didn’t want to diagnose me.

Then in the past year I’ve been diagnosed with SZA PTSD and DID.


Panic disorder with agoraphobia (went away after I quit benzos) , adhd which I still have, then ■■■■ when wack and they thought my psychosis was mania bc I knew not to be weird in front of people and would NEVER tell them what was truly going on bc I knew it was not normal so Bipolar 2, then bipolar 1 after second hospitalization, now it’s changed to psychotic disorder even tho I know it’s sz, not sza idk which is better but yea

i was on psychiatric medication since i was like 11, long before any real psychotic symptoms really came to light over than the bouts of paranoia i would have growing. i was initially told i had ocd, then when finally seeing my nurse practitioner i see now when i was 13 or so she diagnosed me with an ASD. She also said i had a lot of anxiety problems, but never really touches base on a specific diagnosis and just treats the type of anxiety that im having at the moment, whether its more panic attacks or constant obsessive thoughts. She also said I had symptoms of ptsd but never wrote that diagnosis down in my chart so idk. she put me on abilify without adding any diagnoses when i came forward with my psychotic symptoms, and it wasnt until later when i went to get evaluated at a big clinic for the asd for insurance purposes that i got a schizophreniform diagnosis as well as an affirmation of the asd diagnosis and more detailed layout of what anxiety disorders i had (agoraphobia, panic disorder, ocd). since then ive talked to the nurse practitioner and my mom has explicitly asked at my request what she thinks i have, and she said she HOPED the psychotic symptoms were just a result of really bad anxiety and isolation, but that schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder was a possibility but she didnt want to label me just yet. shes seemed to slowly come around more to the idea of me having a psychotic disorder though as the symptoms didnt go away when i started working and became less isolated and needed increasingly higher dosages of abilify to not be a paranoid mess. so my diagnosis right now isnt even entirely clear (i probably have undiagnosed bulimia too, but i dont ever bring up my eating habits to her) but i personally think its schizoaffective on top of the asd and the anxiety disorders. I think i have a touch of trauma but its gotten better since i actually acknowledged that i was abused, like it sort of helped in a way to just accept that i had gone through it

Depression, then Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder.

Depression with psychotic features.

Anxiety related stress and a candidate to receive therapy.

I was first diagnosed with mild depression. Even though the psychiatrist told me the testing showed I was sz, he still diagnosed me with mild depression. I guess he was trying to save my military career. I was referred to him by the military. My second diagnosis was major depression, recurrent and severe. My third diagnosis was bipolar, non-specified. Then, my last diagnosis has been sza for the last 24 years.

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Was diagnosed with depression in 1999. Was hearing voices and had delusions, but my doctor was such a dope she didn’t diagnose correctly. BPD and BPD II with other dopey doctors for years. Then SZA recently which finally makes sense. Ugh, if i had know this sooner wouldve been able to get proper meds and therapy. I used to think doctors were always right. Was in psychoanalysis for 4 years, probably made my condition worse. Therapist couldn’t diagnose properly either.