What was your diagnosis before schizophrenia?

I was first told I had adjustment disorder, then delusional disorder, and then paranoid schizophrenia. What were your first diagnosis?

Generalized anxiety disorder and major depression with psychotic features. The list got long…

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I was diagnosed with ADHD with OCD…

due to a house fire… PTSD… with and anxiety disorder…

Mine was depression.

Bipolar disorder and schizoffective, then sz

paranoid shizophrenia, straight ahead. (makes me feel proud, lol)

I had severe depression, I was a little bi-polar in nature, but mostly depression with psychotic features. I also had OCD’s.

I had a diagnosis of first ADD/ADHD and then depression and anxiety before I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder when I was 21.

When i first got diagnosed it was with borderline personality disorder with psychotic features back in 2010 then in january 2011 i got diagnosed with schizophrenia by a different doctor. In august of 2012 i got diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder with depression, generalized anxiety disorder and dependent personality. Then in december 2014 i was rediagnosed with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type and dissociative identity disorder.

Major depression with psychotic features then schizoaffective depressive type

I was first diagnosed with delusional disorder in june 2011 and then in dec2012 schizophrenia.

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The diagnosis business started in 1991

Drug induced psychosis.
Psychotic Depression.
The resurfacing of an undiagnosed/unknown psychotic illness.
Then paranoid schizophrenia.
A Doctor said it was a misdiagnosis 3 years later, then it was reinstated 3 years after that.
The last psychiatrist said it was all a very severe case of schizophrenia, but seemed to think the primary cause was illicit drugs use.

i don’t really know what to think on it all?

Still think the personal story means more than the label… The label is just shorthand for a loose collection of symptoms, which may or may not share a true underlying cause, and so may not even be identifiable as a single disease at all. Such is the “science” of psychiatry.

I’ve only ever had the one diagnosis, psychosis nos.
Although my psychiatrist did discuss with me the possibility that it might be sz, he felt I was lacking at least one of the key identifiable symptoms.



Interesting responses, I have a longer list too, but those are the one’s that stuck

Major depression with psychotic features.

ADHD, Tourette’s, major depression, schizophreniform

I started with chronic fatigue syndrome. Now I would probably get a label of SZ but I don’t want one and manage my own way following my path. D x

OCD at age 12. Went on to get worse.

Loneliness and apathy.