Did you get other diagnoses before sz?

I have had so many diagnoses before I got to sz

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Bipolar and sza. But eventually sz and pdocs all agree now.

I was so out of it for so many years I can’t remember what the diagnosis were.

Major depression with psychotic features

in order; depression, gad, bpd, major depressive, mood disorder, bipolar, bipolar w/ psychotic features, ptsd, sza.

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Mine was mixed anxiety…

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I was diagnosed as bipolar first

Bipolar 15151515

Nonspecific psychotic and anxiety disorder, major depression w psychotic features and then at a hospitalization program the pdoc said he suspected I was schizoaffective but I didn’t stay long enough for him to confirm the diagnosis. So my diagnosis could go either way right now.

My original dx is schizophrenia. It’s what brought me to all you wonderful people. I then got dx schizoaffective. And now my pdoc wants to look at my case from scratch to revise dx. Looks like bipolar

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first paranoid schizophrenia
Mania ?!
second delusional disorder
third schizoaffectivo

Depression when I was a teen. It was the beginnings of schizophrenia obviously but they misdiagnosed.

Adjustment disorder with depressed mood then delusional disorder and then paranoid schizophrenia.

Those were the main ones but I have pretty much been diagnosed with everything under the sun.

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ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Depression.
All by one doctor.
I’m surprised that they didn’t diagnose me with Bipolar.

Major depression.

  1. Mild depression 1988-1990
  2. Major depression, recurrent and severe 1991
  3. Bipolar I 1992-1993
  4. Schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type 1994- 2017
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GAD Panic disorder uh depression , I think because I was in the first stages


I was wrongly diagnosed as depression before they realized it was sz a. Now it’s paranoid sz

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