What did you do to lose weight while on AP meds?

With weight gain being a side effect of AP meds.

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I switched to older meds that don’t cause as much weight gain and I’ve been dieting and running a bit. It’s a really slow road, though, because I can’t exercise that much because of a neuro-cardio condition I have.

I got on a better med with a lower dose and i started becoming more and more active, i’ve been building up my activity levels for a while and i have found what works and what doesnt bc a lot of things cause me anxiety attacks so i got to be careful.

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I’m on haldol which is said to be weight neutral. I’ve been fasting and running and lifting weights. I’ve lost 7 pounds.

without exercising just diet alone I was able to lose some weight. I tried intermittent fasting where I would eat one meal a day about 1000 calories, and I lost 20 pounds. got down to 148lbs. now im back up to 155 or so after the holidays. it was good for losing weight initially but I eventually plateaued and my metabolism is now wrecked, I don’t get hungry like I used to. I have to force down about 3 smaller meals now. it works but there are some side effects.

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I barely eat anymore and have lost about 30 pounds. Really needed to get it off and need to drop more.

I switched to Haldol and got on a dr supervised diet of 800-900 calories per day

I lost 50 pounds by counting my calories, not drinking my calories, exercising every day, and by weighing myself regularly and recording.

I’ve since gained back 8 pounds. It’s been three and a half years.

Watching what I eat and exercise,

Just like what you’d do if you weren’t on APs.

I lost about 15lbs last year after only trying for a little while.

Of course, over the holidays, I’ve gained a little, but hopefully with the same plan I can lose again.

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I’m on two APs. Haldol and latuda. I had weight gain of at my heaviest of 389 pounds. Then I lost some and now weigh 331. I’m still heavy but I’ve seemed to have stalled. I think I’m going to start walking again. Problem is it’s cold out I hate the cold.

When I swapped from olanzapine to latuda I automatically lost ten kg from 73 to 63 kg.

I had a increase in medication but lost a few kg then I joined the gym and did not lose much weight but felt fitter.

I got down to 53kg then put weight back on and have been around 55 kg (I’m anout 161cm and have a normal bmi)

I have not exercised for two weeks as the gym has been closed.

I have not been dieting.

Except I am and always have been constapated and my dr put me on a lactos and gluten free diet that helped give me bowel movement for a week I was on it before I started eating ice cream etc.

Now I am trying to eat lactos and gluten free but do eat ice cream and cream etc
But with my cornflakes this morning I had lactosfree milk.

I might have put some weight on because I have been eating more and lots of ham toast with leg bone ham thick slices with hot English mustard.delicious says da wanna be vegan.


I am jiggly with fat and small flat breasted and not firm and toned but I do have a normal bmi thankfully.


It’s not easy whilst on an ap necessarily.
I’m experimenting now with diet and physical activity etc.

Calorie controlled diet.

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I did and still do intermittent fasting. The plateau is difficult to break. Once every two weeks I do 3 days of dry fasting. That seems to do the trick for me to reset my metabolism. The rest of the time I do the keto diet. I’m back into my old high school clothes, and I made it through the holidays without gaining more than a few pounds.

I’ve set my allowed eating to 1700 calories per day. And try to take 10000 steps each day. Have lost 3,5 kilos in a month. Maybee not the fastest way but it does the trick.


I don’t eat very much

back in the day, I was a runner

and was down to 145 pounds.

I have the fat gene, apparently.

now I weigh 168, it’s kind of a tragedy of sorts

I want to lose these extra 20.

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