How to lose weight on haldol

I tried everything diet and exercise, the pounds shed so slowly. I want to lose weight faster, how do speed up the process. Im 267 want to to be 200. any advice.

It’s hard to lose weight on APs,

But I’ve had success with diet and exercise.

However, I’m on Abilify.

I think @LED is on Haldol and has had significant weight loss.

We’ll see if she has something to say, I tagged her.



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thanks, any thing will will help

Haldol is the least AP to cause weight gain. I was on Olanzapine and it made me gain lots of weight.
I gained 150lb since I was diagnosed 8 years ago.

So it should be easier to loose weight with haldol. Dieting and exercise such as cycling, jugging, going to the gym etc

Eat fewer calories. It’s hard to lose weight on APs, but it’s definitely possible.

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Also SZ itself will make it hard to loose weight if you have negative symptoms. I stopped training and started overeating since I was diagnosed. I gained 150lb. I have hypertension and high cholesterol, taking meds for them. I am only 29 and have old people diseases.

Eat nutrient dense less calorific foods. Except nuts and good carbs
They are also bit higher in calories but healthy they’ll help u use the nutrition in food
Portion control.

I plan to continue losing weight even without exercise. Exercise has become too stressful for me

thanks guys, its justs i just lose like 1lb or .5 lbs a week and i exercise everyday and i watch my calories. I never know how hard it is to lose weight on AP. I guess its a slow proccess. I eat almond milk, with honey bunches of oats, oatmeal, protein shake, tuna, brown rice, hamburger meat with no bread, vegetables and also fruits. Im eating right or should cut out some stuff. Its confusing because AP changings my biochemisty i think.

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why exercise too stressful for you butterfly

Green tea reduces weight dramatically but it also causes insomnia.

yea im taking green capsules too.

It feels overwhelming even just going for long walks or half hour walks and daily organised 15 minute walks feel like a waste of time for the effort they require for me

ok, i understand, i exercise to keep my heart healthy.

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I take fish oil for heart health.

why is so hard to lose weight on AP, why cant be easy, i try so hard to diet and exercise but weight goes no where