What causes SZ

I suspect inheritance played a part for me. 1 of my parents has sz, the other has depression/anxiety and I’ve herd of other family member having “breakdowns”.

If your parents don’t have it, why is it genetic if your parents don’t have it or any relative…I’m the only person in my family who has sz. My dad said I’m the only person in the family that has sz. and he is 73 years old so he could think back a long amount of time ago…with my relativesl

Why are you so keen on finding the answer to SZ @Jake ?

You have it.

Just let it go.

There is still more things to figure out :smiley:

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Predisposed is not possible, because the experts don’t understand what chemicals get unbalanced. I not positive yet.

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Then get positive lol.

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I’m taking a break again. Feel free to say you opinion.

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Thank you for the like.

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First of all, genes can be dormant. You can have a gene for something without it being active, therefore your parents can carry the genes without having the disease themselves.

Also, brains aren’t fully developed until around age 25. Therefore, some deficiencies only show themselves later.

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My parents are sane, my brother is sane, my grandparents were sane. I am the one who has it


I’m not sure about one grand grand grand parent though

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I’m not sure, but I think it is possible.

If you don’t get born with sz and you still get sz, then it is not possible to be predisposed…because it is genetic.

I do wonder if I didn’t do drugs and alcohol if I would not have got psychotic.

I guess I will never know

it is to do with serious stress over a prolonged period or maybe serious acute stress

It can be predisposed by genetics, at leas one of my uncles had it

There are studies that in a sub group of szc people, gluten can be involved. possibly even casein. both two very addictive things hard to take out the diet.


I think if you are not born with it and then you get it later on in life, it could be due to a genetic predisposition

This is my theory on genetic predisposition:

the szc gene is in your dna but it is not expressed, then when you are in your environment and certain environmental triggers are consumed, or experienced, it ‘wakes up’ the szc gene (via epigenetics maybe etc) and then it is expressed. so then you have got szc.


yes, I believe drugs can give you sz….but I’m not sure about alcohol.

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It is possible to be genetically predisposed without having it from birth. Sometimes symptoms are only shown later because the brain develops unilt you’re 25. Sometimes, something triggers it that wouldn’t have triggered it if you weren’t predisposed.

There’s plenty of us who have disproved your theory, yet you keep saying it’s impossible.

Why is it so hard for you to believe you may have been predisposed? Why don’t you want to believe it? Why are you fighting this?

I think alcohol can in some people but not in others. Like maybe even just a very small group of people.

IDK, just my idea in my head haha.

but I think I read this somewhere

Lol, let them fight.

They’re only stressing themselves out.