What causes schizophrenia? What we know, don't know and suspect



this is exactly how I feel I got schizophrenia…except for the genes no one in my family has ever had the disease.


I have a cousin with sz and some others with bipolar. I used a lot of drugs between 15 and 24
And I had a very stressful job. Guess I got it all


Sz in itself and the cause of Sz are single thing in the nature of any schizophrenic individual.
Then,if you know exactly what is Sz in itself,you will know the cause !
in practice, it means your personal knowledge about the nature of schizophrenia (whatever it is) are the data of the cause in the same time !
The question needed to the full corresponding between your knowledge about the schizophrenia nature and cause characteristic ,because the cause characters are the characters of the schizophrenia condition itself


d.i.d. which is often misdiagnosed as schizophrenia because it’s so similar is caused by years of physical and mental pain. it often appears in patients who also have schizophrenia.


torture studies have linked torture to hallucinations. extreme pain in general seems to be a cause of hallucinations.


I have thought about did in the past but I think sza fits better. Although I can’t honestly rule out did completely I still have unanswered oddities like missing time and strange outfits in my closet that I swear I’ve never worn and don’t remember buying. But that could be from manic episodes, I guess I don’t have much insight when manic and I guess a severe manic episode would be like a blur. But still it gets me wondering. I’m sure it’s just overactive imagination and a touch of hypochondria.



Explain the idea:
In the case if you think that, sz is a disease/illness
In genetic disease,the existential and functional characteristic of gene reflects the healthy condition,disease and treatment
like the diabetes and penicillin
in viral disease,the existential/functional characteristic of virus reflects the disease condition and immunity means are the treatment
The gene or virus is the disease and cause of the disease in the same time !
BUT all diagnostic symptoms of the diseases( symptoms of disease/illness) are not the existential/functional characteristic of the cause of disease
this means that, the diagnostic symptoms data of sz( negative/positive…etc) are not the existential/functional characteristic of sz cause

When we ask : what is cause of genetic disease ?
You should talking about the gene characteristic (which developing the disease symptoms ) not talking about the symptoms of the disease !
What is cause of schizophrenia?
you should talking about the cause characteristics themselves( existential/functional ) which developing the sz symptoms

This means that, the sz and its cause are single thing whatever its is genetic disease or mental illness or else ,and are not the content of diagnostic material (whatever they are )


A stress filled childhood - A bad drug trip in College and of course faulty genes.


Stress yes, drugs yes, genes no.


when it is said that ,there is a gene or group of defective genes involved in one way in the production of sz
1- at first,it is supposed that,there is a human gene responsible for the production of health state (organic and psychological ) with all their characteristics
2-proving a sudden mutation (change)in the spiral structure of the gene
3- it is supposed that,the schizophrenia in itself is the disease condition of the defective gene
4- the patient gene expresses its disease through coding and translation the existential /functional manifestations of sz within the organic structure and the psychological component
5-the diagnostic symptoms of sz which include all aspects of change/disorder in thought,behavior and brain biochemistry are the end result of the functional effect of sz ( mal- gene)on the organic and psychological nature
6-the person loses forever the characteristic of his healthy condition(biological/psychological) during schizophrenia,the impossibility of returning the health state to its original position (no cure),because the sz becomes a genetic disease !
7- do you know any gene creates both the psychological health condition and its disease (zs) ?


Is there is a single gene be enough to coding and decoding all existential/functional properties of the conscious state of human being?

  • It is easy to tell the name of schizophrenia cause,but the important thing is to know the its structure and functions , mode of effects and the result of effects,that is whatever its name !
    -we can give endless data about the cause body,external shape,internal structure,the functions and the ways of effects over the human nature (psychological/chemical ),to believe that single gene or a group of gene are unable to synthesis the existential state of schizophrenia itself ( even if there is a gene creates the conscious state of the human being)
    1- the cause is single thing (single entity),consist of 2 attached parts
    ( like the brain-right and left -, like DNA /RNA of gene,like conscious state and unconscious ,the past data memory and the data of present
    2- the relationship between part (1) and part (2) is integration relationship all time
    -no part has acts isolated about the second part ,each one supporting the other in the functional processes to achieve single goal
    -During the basic schizophrenic process,each part has a specific functional role be different about the second,wherever the result of the basic process is combination of both
  • both parts working by rotation (spell) or succession, one after other ,never working in the same time
    -each part of them can practice the function of the second but not by the capability of the original
  • The part (1) have the basic knowledge,give the working order to the second part (2)
    -The main task of part (2) is receiving the message of part (1) and execution its content verbally
  • The part (2) impart the current mental sing content verbally to the part (1)
    the part (2) impart the message of part (1) to the host (mind/brain of the person with sz)
    -Part (2) involve in printing the message content of part (1) verbally within the mental signs feedback that return to the brain cells to storage their data ( the important step at all )
    -Part (2) has seeks to storage the false cognitive message concept of part (1) within the personal basic memory of the person with sz to becomes a natural part from the self-knowledge of the person ! (printing new thoughts in conscious mind that not be own by the person himself)


^ marvelous work of amateur psychopathology.


You could say there is an argument for it just being part of evolutionary variation. It remains to be seen I think whether or not it’s a trait that will fizzle out or become more prominent.


Description of the external features of schizophrenia cause itself.
How a person with Sz sees,hears,touch and feels inside his nature the existential manifest of Sz cause?
(all people without Sz are unable to monitor these manifestations,while any person with Sz able all time of wake to sees the external features ( external structure/body/morphology )

  • This is the hard time to explain impossible phenomena for the cultural readers
    -the whole conscious structure of the human being is the only thing in the nature similar to the sz cause structure,
    -the first chock for the reader,the sz cause in his/her self is living psychological creature in nature like the human self ,and is not a gene or disease in nature(there is many scientific evidence to proof this fact)
    -the second shock,the cause of sz has acts and behaves (practice his functional activities) mentally through genetic functions ( as if the cause is a specialized gene in the field of coding and decoding all higher mental processes

= This means that,the cause of Sz has appears his existential manifest beside the conscious state of the human being as a parasitical conscious state (living psychological structure ), behaves mentally like the human being,but he practices his behavior through genetic functions
-the cause of sz has an independent personality and specific information different/contrary to the personal cultural of the HOST,using them to deal with( objection/piracy) the currant mental signs during its path from the brain cells to the present mind (conscious mind)
-the cause of sz has electric charge contrary to the charge of the mental impulse (imagine the result)
-in general,the sz cause links with the human psychological component ( place/time) during the available time of wake (only)
-All schizophrenia events/processes occur only in the time-place of the human conscious zone,therefore all changes occur in the awareness (waking/attention),occur in the PRESENT time (now),wherever no any knowledge changes occur in the personal information during sleep/dream or absence of awareness
=all sz activities occur in the currant time (now) as a genetic message producing by psychological behavior (unable to reversal after its occur

ANY action of sz cause must be causing airiness objector neural pulse which causing all types of disorders and changes ,change the natural kinetic path of the original mental pulse and the implicit knowledge content in the same time

Regardless of the bad effects of sz symptoms on the thinking.emotion,behavior and biochemistry of brain,but sz in itself is a living entity not organic disease from all aspects ,therefore the current medication treat the symptoms (only) and have not any medical means to treatment the sz cause ,because the cause is a higher psychological entity (sponger) not a disease


We know,it is hard for the cultural readers to imagine the external shape of sz cause .
Cause of sz is merely a self without external organic body (self without body)
While the human being is an organic body contain psychological user (the self/conscious state)

What is different between the gene and virus (parasite ) ?
The virus has not external wall (like a gene outside the cell /or the virus does not exists inside owned cell body)
Virus is a kind of gene without external cell wall or body ,has not a cell or cell component to practices its functional activities
When the virus inter the cell of the host,the virus gives working order to the cell to achieves its demands (it works to his account)

The cause of Sz like a virus,a psychological component without external organic body <therefore the cause of Sz must practices his behavior activities inside the human nature as a psychological parasite ,because the cause of sz has not organic body and unable to practices any biological function in the human nature at all

The schizophrenia the top of parasitic cases,aiming the human psychological life (conscious state ) his/herself ,and this is a new kind of the phenomena !

The cause in the shape of psychological parasite,attacks the psychological user himself internally and linking with the psychological structure of the host all time of waking .but the cause of sz is not a natural part from the human self ( the concept of statements of persons with sz must reflect these facts , like -the heard thoughts is not for me but for what is he/she or they, external person/persons or inner alien entity/entities …etc)

Therefore,all internal phenomena,events and processes that occur inside the person with Sz are the result of a new kind of parasite cases ,inner psychological fighting between original self and other parasite self ,and it is not a direct fighting between the self and the personal thoughts,memories events,social conditions according to the common stories…etc )


I think its like the medicaion we take.
Now body knows how it works or what it is


The chemistry of schizophrenia related with the higher knowledge processes that occur in the mental side
The main idea that explain the real cause of chemical changes ,depend on that there is no any disease causing the disorder in the brain cells that responsible to producing the mental meaning or the pulse

During the Sz ,the perception brain cells work as normal to producing both of the meaning and electrochemical pulse
The onset of change/disorder occurs after issuance of the electrochemical pulse
Each pulse carriage tacitly a mental meaning (information)
The mental meaning coded tacitly within the internal structure of the electrochemical pulse

Transmission the pulse from the source to all other brain cells,the conscious mind perceives the mental meaning during the time of transmission
In other world,the conscious mind is the tool that can read or translate the coded implicit meaning and knows the knowledge content

The cause of Sz form a wall or a body have the ability to producing counteraction electrochemical pulse ,has a contrary charge that pick out the original pulse to its direction
A bilateral collision between 2 different charge ended by emptying the information content of the original pulse in the internal structure of Sz cause ,wherever the Sz cause starts to read the information content vocally (voiced),the cause repeats (reiterate) the mental reading by vocal way

The natural mental reading causing the perception without producing any heard voices internally,but the sz cause reads the mental reading and causing the perception with producing a heard voices internally
( as you see, all schizophrenia events occur inside the conscious mind (present mind) in the existence of the waking and attention,and does not occur in unconscious state and there is no any disorder in the brain cells that create the the mental concept or the pulse


a sadist created it.