Are we nearly to know the exact cause of schizophrenia?

in which year scientists will know the exact cause of schizophrenia?

I don’t think they ever will. There are multiple causes and many genetics that have an effect on whether or not someone becomes scizophrenic, as well as environmental and prenatal causes.

I have a strong belief that it is a case of chronic brain inflammation due to a weak / permeable blood-brain barrier and intestinal lining.

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Etiology explanation starts at 3:07

We already know 99% of causes. 80% genetics, most of the other 20% is from drugs like weed, cocaine etc. Stress and trauma plays a lesser degree. Just lookup wikipedia and studies referenced. The remaining 1% is believed to be from infections and malnutrition during pregnancy.

From wikipedia SZ is a genetic neurodevelopmental disorder:

Genetic disorders, such as [fragile-X syndrome] [Down syndrome] [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] [schizophrenia][schizotypal disorder] [hypogonadotropic hypogonadal syndromes]

Estimates of the [heritability] of schizophrenia are around 80%, which implies that 80% of the individual differences in risk to schizophrenia is associated with genetics.

The final cause of the new health condition so-called sz is known,however,the available treatment means are not able to kill it,change its main structure or block the malign activity of the cause in the self-knowledge of the person
the cause of sz is the hallucination entity/entities or the other name psychosis nothing else

The final cause of sz,is the structure which its existence continue over the long term after all changes and using all kind of treatment

At least,you should look at the hallucinations as if they are a whole psychological entities not as a symptoms of disease (mental/organic)

In the absence of detailed knowledge of the basic structure of the hallucinations and its functional activity mechanisms,it becomes difficult to discover the ideal means of overcoming it

Hallucination is the active factor for all sz symptoms (mental,behavioral,emotional and chemical)

Sz is a mental/psychiatric illness mostly genetic/drugs/infections/malnutrition, its not really psychological.

Psychologists are not qualified to treat sz but psychiatrists are.

In principle:
Schizophrenia is not a medical condition,whether the genetic disease in the brain or mental illness
SZ as a new independent health condition that emerged ,embodied and settled its existential features within the basic nature of the person suddenly in the early part of the third decade of his life ( I.e the main structure of the sz case in isolation about its functional activity) ;
It is not a disease
It does not causes a disease
It does not arise from a disease
It does not turns into a disease

BUT,it causes a symptoms of change/disorder that seem to the observations and perceptions of the external viewers as a symptoms look like the symptoms of the metal illness or the organic disease in the brain

This means that, the existential nature of the sz condition is not a natural part from the genetic material,and it is not a genetic function outputs,it is not a natural part from the psychological self not a mental function outputs

Simply,the sz is not biological or psychological in root origin ,it is a new independent health condition that does not rooted from the biological healthy condition or the psychological

The hallucination features is the body structure of the sz condition in the human nature ,or the thing that you call the pathogen itself
all this means that, the sz condition is like the parasitic conditions not the genetic disease at all !

Bro were you brainwashed by pseudoscientists?
Schizophrenia is a medical disease.
Stop spreading false information that don’t even makes sense.

Please be civil and supportive. Schizophrenia is a medical condition and arguing over semantics isn’t productive for the community.

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