What causes schizophrenia? What we know, don't know and suspect


The objection of the mental pulse causing many effects on the biochemistry processes:
1-Increase the number of the frontal processes
2- Decrease the number of reversal processes
3-Exhusting the chemical energy of brain cells
4- closing all inner pathways of the sensory inputs during the time of objection
-Creating loss the interesting with the external world or the interaction with its influences
5- Stop all current behavior activities (mental or kinetic )
6- change the natural path of the neural pulse
7-Increase the level of attention after each objection process
8-After path of time (hours) the level of attention becomes over the natural rate
9-Acceleration and deceleration the speed of the higher mental knowledge processes without stopping their movement or its sequence repetition
10- The speed and repetition rate of the objection processes in the time unites ARE the main cause of chemical imbalance

=The cause of sz it seems as if he a ghastly gene working against the human gene ,object all the genetic message which coding and decoding the information of the higher mental processes, the cause of SZ changes its pathway and modify the information content itself -can you imagine the pathway of the actual facts !


The human gene is not the maker of the schizophrenia
The cause of Sz creates the schizophrenia in the human gen itself
The Sz cause (parasite) has seeks to makes the human gene working to his account ( be a host)
The cause of Sz has personality characteristics,information, personal temper (Will),able to practices all types of the higher knowledge processes more developed than the human mind ,he is a higher organism (psychological component without physical structure)

All problems to treat sz,return to the personality characteristics of the cause ,he can change his tactic and the way of effects all time of waking according to the current conditions,he is not living material or non living material to interact like the chemical substances !!

The behavior function of sz cause over the human nature (organic/mental) like the effectiveness of the genetic message itself ( message of DNA to RNA ),unable to reversed after its occurrence ,but the mind can reverses the knowledge changes that occur by schizophrenia cause

The issue : cause of Sz is a strange body has the full ability to creates the vocal mental pulse with brain while the Sz cause is not a natural part from the genetic material itself !!!


It is very intresting. With the same certainty, we can say that with the help of the impulse, everything can be reversed.


А как вы объясните, что опыты на мышах с помощью стволовых клеток и регуляции некоторых белков отменяют симптомы шизофрении? Хотя это пока лишь опыты на мышах


To treat schizophrenia,you must have many actual data about the cause structure,functional activities,the mode of effects,the main nature of the schizophrenia itself .
1- The physical structure and function (biology)of the human being remain exist and working along 24 hours for the end of life
2- The psychological component (self) exist and working along the time of waking and disappear during the time of sleep
3-In the case,if you think that,the biological functions (biochemical processes) create the human psychological component,which is means the body functions create the the whole self
-In schizophrenia,the factor who is establish the sz condition in the human nature is a psychological component in structure and function
-The established factor (cause of Sz ) is a strange structure linking with the basic structure of the human psychological component and becomes a “malicious” part of the basic structure of the human self
-The sz cause is not a production of the genetic functions at all ,because it is external factor “parasite”
-The cause of SZ connects with the conscious state all time of waking ,therefore the Sz cause must be disappears all time of sleep like the self and its activities ,and this means that the schizophrenia must disappears completely all time of sleep for any person with Sz !!

The issue: if the genetic functions causing the human self ,while the cause of sz is not a production of genetic functions because it is parasite structure linked with the human self (all time of waking)

All current medication are not suitable to make effects on the cause of Sz because:
it is psychological factor not chemical substance
Do not interact chemically with chemical substances at all
the cause of sz in the state similar to the state of virus or gene (unable to treat it )
it is coded structure for immune system (strange body)

The current medication must be effect only on the temper state of the human psychological component because it is linking with the genetic functions ,but unable to make any effectiveness on the sz cause because it does not linking with the genetic functions at all (not a thing running in blood or exist in the cell as strange chemical substance )

This means that,during the period time of medication,some changes will occur in the temper state of the human self while the medication have no impacts on cause of schizophrenia,stays actives because it is not a natural part from the human self itself or/anatomical structure or chemical substances


Okay you’ve said what it may be.what do you think is the solution


To have a real solution to treat the schizophrenia ,you should know the personality characteristics,the deceptive genetic functions and the mode of the parasite life of the schizophrenia cause,tactic and goals …etc

The Sz cause it seems as a Psychological Entity in the shape of ghost Gene and living his life and practices his behavior as a Parasite within the psychological life of the host ( the person with Sz )

three different characters in single thing ,add for that the existential features of sz cause is the existentialism substance of the schizophrenia state itself (the cause body is the potential state of the schizophrenia ,that means the cause and schizophrenia is one single thing in nature)
Add for that,the existential features of the things called “hallucinations” is the existential manifest of the schizophrenia cause itself !

Look the things called hallucinations ,and know everything about it ,it is the Cause of schizophrenia itself ,this thing contain personality characteristics,genetic,information and behaves as s psychological parasite

Any possible thing in the world have the ability to make an obvious effect on the hallucinations is a suitable method to treat the SZ !


The question: why current medication are unable to effect on the Sz cause ?
some disease affect the animal not the human being,reverse is correct
The medication of the human diseases have not effect on the animal diseases,all of that because there is a different in the physical structure and biological functions …etc

The Cause itself is not the human psychological component or part of itself,not an illness in mind or in the whole self,not a strange chemical materials or genetic disease
The current medication can not effect on the Sz cause ,because the structure and function of the cause different about the biology/psychology of the human being (like the difference between what is human and what is animal)

In the case,if the sz cause is the human psychological entity or a part of it,the medication must effect the Sz cause
in the case,if the Sz cause is chemical substances produced by gene action,the medication must effect the cause of sz
But schizophrenia cause remain exists in all cases whatever the type of medication
This means that ,the sz cause in structure and function is not biological or psychological related human being
Schizophrenia is not HUMAN disease or illness in nature,because it is a new kind from the living psychological creatures,have not the same psychological fingerprint of human being,
it is non-human in nature,have many similar characteristics like the human self and many different

To deal with the sz cause,you should know his personal characteristics behavior ,because the sz cause typify itself in the human nature as a hidden gene acts as psychological parasite,the issue is higher than the current knowledge of humanity ,objection the path of his personal behavior -no more