What do ur voices talk about?

mine talk about a rape or multiple rapes i have suffered, time travel, free energy, telepathy, giving me strokes in the wernickes and broccas areas of the brain and giving me a heart attack. they go from being my friends one minute to being my enemy the next. what about urs?

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It depends on the voices. One of mine is what I call the panic man. He’s just panic babble and I can ignore that one. Some merely comment on every action I make. I try to ignore that one too. There are two that really freak me out. The hypnotist and the little girl are the worst. The rest are sort of just bland compared to how they used to be. When I was really sick, the voices were so destructive and hateful and ugly. But as I’ve sort of worked at being at peace… some of the voices have sort of given up and calmed down.

I’m getting better at working around them and not focusing on them. They grow faint when I’m really busy. Every once in while there will be a sharp voice. But it hasn’t said anything horrid. The little girl is the worst and the most vile, very sexually explicit.


they ask me whether i would like some sugar in my imaginary tea.
" i say, yes please ! "
take care


Wicked Question!

My voice talks about a wide range of topics. So far in December this year he has talked about self esteem, IQ (he will run through just about every person I know and try and guess if their IQ is higher or lower than mine), grades I’ve obtained in University, appearances (he talks about a grading system to grade a persons looks. An “A” is someone very attractive, “B” is the average, “C” is unattractive, and “D” is very unattractive). I’ve taken quizzes on my phone and he will talk about whether there are people who beat it. He talks about the condition of hearing voices and whether mine can be medicated. He talks about desperation in the world. He talks about what happened in the past, and what things will be like in a year. He talks about when I’ll die, and what his last words would be in my mind as a voice.

So yeah, that’s a sample of what I hear. He also talks a lot about what happens in general each day.

We were just out there talking about the nature of existence, i cannot fathom it.

If you go up and keep going in that direction then you will reach the end of the universe eventually.

But they said that existence is not like being in a room with outsides, there isn’t anything out there they said, nothing does not exist.

They also said that i was existence, im made of it and thus cannot go outside of myself, ha!

I just cannot fathom it being what i am and only having experienced what i have, if you go in one direction you will get to the end, but they say you cannot go outside of it because there is only this one thing that we are, it’s existence and there is nothing outside of it, nothing does not exist.

So, thats what we were talking about earlier, they are attempting to make me fathom our reality, it’s not going well.

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He likes to pretend to be other people. He comments on every move i make and everything everyone else does. He talks about the world ending and murder. He likes to insert images in my mind of me stabbing my boyfriend or slitting his throat.

Hey Jaynebeal I’ve seen you around before. I saw an old thread from you saying you don’t really respond to medication in terms of getting rid of your voices. Ever tried clozapine?

Me. Me, me me me me… and nothing but me. I’m so sick of me, I can’t tell ya… but not for them.

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im worried about trying it tbh. ive heard bad things about side effects. i don’t want to sleep 14 hours a day, drool, get fatter or b incontinent so i’ll stick with what ive got unless it gets really bad. only then will i try it. xxx

mine would try to make fun of me and remind me of traumatic things from my past, it seemed with the intent of getting me to commit suicide. They were evil. Except for one, which was 17 year old me, who still thought I could join the military and encouraged me to workout and study. I drank all I could to get the evil female voice and evil male voice to shut up. I became so used to hearing them that I saw them in person in my dreams a few times.

Mine comment what I do. It’s really creepy when I go to sleep and the whispering starts to be annoying. “Look, she is sleeping. Like a baby. Sleeping.” I have to sleep with earphones on with music on low volume. If I have it too loud they start screaming.

Sometimes the call for me. They have talked through the walls. But mostly they are above me or behind me.

It’s a constant chatter. Sometimes they say “you are schizo!” And laughing. Sometimes they yell “Liar! Liar! Liar!” When I’m talking to someone.

I hear voices in three different languages.

The longest sentance I’ve heared was: “As a proffessionel writer, I warmly recommend this book for you.” But in Swedish. I still don’t know what book he was talking about.

where do voices come from?

My voices are all connected to spirituality…all to do with angels and demons. I overcame the demons through prayer and fasting.

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There’s this female voice that’s just constant screaming; the only word I’ve ever heard her say is a hysteric “nooooo”. One of them used to insult me a lot, call me names and such, but I haven’t heard him for a good couple of weeks. I also have one that likes to comment on everything that is going on around me; this is the one I like to have conversations with from time to time. It’s strange; she talks the most while I’m in the supermarket.

the group of cells in ur brain near ur temples. they r the same cells that allow u to hear through ur ears and they are thought to just b manic or overwired in people who hear voices.

hi again jaynebeal,

OK, I understand your stance on clozapine. Before you’ve said nothing gets rid of your voices. Has any antipsychotic changed the nature of your voices significantly, or has the volume ever been turned down significantly before?

I’m sort of comparing myself to you. I haven’t responded to about 6 or 7 antipsychotics, but I am trying clozapine soon.

Nothing has ever really done anything… ESPECIALLY with the nature of the voices (they can’t be controlled it seems).

hi andy. nope nothing has changed the volume or frequency or content. i’ve been on five different anti-psychotics with good and bad patches on all of them at high and low doses. infact some of my worst times was when i was on 600mgs seroquel and 100mgs depixol shot. i’m now on 40mgs depixol shot because the high dose completely zapped my personality and i was devoid of conversation, had restless leg syndrome and muscle spasms. i still have those to a lesser extent but at least my old personality is back. my shrink says theres no point in trying different shots or pills as they all target roughly the same thing. the only thing she recommends is a low dose of clozapine…say 150mgs. she says it tends to succeed when all else fails but i’m so scared of being a zombie again u know? i don’t want to get fatter, christ, i weigh 11 stone now, down from 13 at my heaviest. who knows maybe i should try it. but the voices aren’t so bad right now. if they get bad again then i guess i’ll have to try it. let me know how u fare on it. good luck. xxx

Two guys like to talk endlessly about those fireflies, the lightening bugs that glow, and how they want to make that cool white light to use inside the house to read at night.
Then another who makes statements about what direction I’m facing.

One that repeats anything I think out loud in my mind (inner voice) almost like it is interpreting back to the other two what I’m thinking or doing every moment of the day. I have three all together & they all are malice with nothing but obscenities pretty much from the time I get up all day at work until I come home. They love to agitate me to the point I’m screaming full of rage. I can tell when they get closer I hear that stupid ringing or buzzing then comes one saying it loves me then the other two call me stupid mutha#$&ka. Then I’ve had times where everything was calm I hear them talk about how one day they are going to have to let me go. Any bad thing that I was ever embarrassed of they would try to capitalize on that and run it into the ground until it doesn’t have any effect on me anymore. I argue & curse back and fourth with them most of the day but then there’s days I totally block it out all the way without knowing it, then as soon as I remember oh yeah I have voices here they come…lol…MAN!

hi stoneycaldwell.Sounds like you have a pretty rough day everyday. You’re a bit like me. I get so pissed off from hearing the opinions and views of my voice that I verbally express my hatred of it all to him. I have problems controlling speaking to the voice. It really doesn’t help anything as it’s never like you’re talking to a human. They just push on and keep speaking.

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