What kinds of things do your voices talk about?


I’m curious. My voices (I’m not sure if I’ve ever gone over this on here, I think I might have) are all distinct characters who I know and have different relationships with, aside from the demons. (Someone said it sounded like split personality disorder once, but it’s not because they never take control of my body or anything) I even hang out with them from time to time in my dreams.

They basically chime in at random times during the day, will make a quip about something or whatever, comment on what I’m doing. I’ll have conversations with them about life and stuff. I hear them all the time, but they’re a lot more talkative if I’m in an episode. The nicest of them give me life advice and help me through my everyday struggles. I always say that without my “helpers” I probably wouldn’t be alive today. Heck, they were the ones who got me out of bed through most of high school. In episodes I walk around in a haze and basically they help me get everything done, reminding me of where to go and what I’m supposed to do.

The demons are the bad voices (some of the non-demon voices are bad too, but they aren’t EVIL bad) and usually are only prominent during episodes. They’ll randomly be snapping at me all day, saying to hurt people or myself. They also shout insults at me, and try to make me delusional.

They’re also all internal, so it’s basically like my head is constantly filled up with thoughts that don’t come from me. It’s weird and can be very disorienting if too many are talking at once or if they’re loud, like my head is filled with angry bees.

What are your guys’ like? What do they talk about? When do you hear them?


i see and hear aliens , they talk about the end for humanity, the coming apocalypse, they talk about my progress as an alien/human, quantum physics, and i hear them 24/7, one puts his hand on my shoulder when trying to get attention.
take care :alien:


Mine are sort of personas… I’ve lost a few over the years… they used to be negative, hurtful, and churning the ugliness in my mind. Repeating darkness and negativity and over and over reaffirming that I have no use… no value as a human… no reason to draw breath.

But now… as I’ve been healing and getting stronger… it’s no where near as bad as it used to be.

I’ve been telling myself over and over… everyone in my head is me. It’s all different facets of me. Everything I hear like that is self generated… I still react… but I’m getting stronger.

The Good:
The Good doctor… a helpful voice… "Calm down… breathe, and let’s rethink this. It will be Ok, Panic will not help… now… how does this make you feel? Lets look at this logically… "

The sort of bad…
The panic man… just over and over again… “danger… danger… this is dangerous… oh man, we’re going to die… more danger… do go in there… it’s dangerous… do eat that… it’s more danger…”

He’s been fading more and I can sort of ignore that one.

The Annoying…
The Commentator… “Now he’s picking up a fork… interesting… why a fork… hummm now a glass of water… one sip… having one sip of water… putting the glass back down… looking at his plate… he’s looking at his plate now…”
Annoying… just annoying… I have been better about ignoring that one too… constant chatter on my every move.

The Ugly…
The little girl… who sounds just like my kid sis when she was 6 to 7… slight lisp and all. That sweet child voice… saying some of the most horrid and fowl stuff… some hateful… some sexual and some just… noting to repeat in any forum or society.

That last one usually only comes out when my wheels are falling off. Once I hear that one… I’m in for a very rough night.


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Huh so yours are more like mine then, except all mine have names.

A few of them started out scary evil for me as well and the more I strove to understand and embrace them the less monstrous and scary they got. It’s interesting to see how both of ours developed.

Geez I’d be so annoyed if they narrated everything I did. I mean the closest it gets to that is if I’m in an episode then let’s say I go to the dining hall, Gloria (good voice) will be like “Ok now let’s get food first…no, sweetheart that isn’t good for you, remember you wanted to eat healthy? Ok time to go get a drink now…don’t forget to pick up silverware! Good, you’re doing great, love.” Etc, but it’s actually really helpful when I’m out of if like that.


Maybe you should take some time off to focus on things other than the illness. Go do something you like that relaxes you, maybe, to take your mind off things. You have every right to be frustrated by all that noise, any person would be. The important thing I think is to remember that that’s all their negative words and delusion talk are, just noise.

Aside from that that’s very complex! Wow.


In the last year and a half.

The advisers/helpers: during stressful periods

The collective:they talk about anything when they feel like chiming in

Deceased Einstein: episode

some voices claiming they were aliens from “far away but we can’t tell you exactly where” : episode


Mine manifest in the world as well, though not very often. Sometimes if Lou is bored he’ll sit next to me on the bus or in class. I only see them out of the corner of my eye, if I look directly they’re gone, mostly I just feel their presence if they’re outside me.

Sometimes they’ll even pop out and walk next to me on my way to class, and we have casual telepathic conversation. Thank goodness no one watches me as I’m walking around too closely because I’d look super weird!

But again usually they just stay in my head. A few of them actually hate the waking world and wish we’d stop coming here. They hardly ever come out or talk outside of dreams.


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All kinds of stuff over the years.

The dimensions are like trees, the root, trunk, branches, limbs and leaves. They were explaining this one morning while i looked at the trees.

They said we were on the cusp right now of the end of the world.

Sometimes they say things that prove they have a conscious cause, today they told me one of my family members was coming out and they did, twice they told me who would win the superbowl before it happened, they’ve known where to find things, they’ve known the time when i did not.

During episodes it was nothing but horrible stuff: they’ll torture me forever, an evil and powerful force rules the earth, doing strange things to my family in the bathroom/i think it was something like assimilation, telling me it was my fault my family would be harmed greatly because i didn’t do anything about it/they just started saying they would be hurt and i had to do something and i didn’t know what to do, mephisto was in the pitch black forest with me, some evil bitch was in the sewer having babies and eating my ■■■■, living beings were in objects, my dead grandmother was there during my torment doing something like saying i was cute/like pinching my cheek or something like that/very creepy ■■■■, just going “it’s all your fault now”/i didn’t know what they meant/what everything?.

They will without saying it make me look at the clock at certain times. Ill just think im doing what i do but it’s them making me look at the clock at those times repeatedly.

Resurrection is not magical, it’s science. In fact nothing spiritual is magical, it’s scientific, miracles and all have a scientific explanation.

seeing the future is only knowing all of the factors involved, nothing magical about it. Although sometimes you can create an event and then tell someone it’s going to happen.

They told me i was schizophrenic years and years before anything happened and before i had ever heard of it.

They go on and on about things you can do with the human mind, hallucinations of all kinds are found in the brain, choices are also in the brain and can be caused, memory functions can be altered, language functions can be altered and implanted, all kinds of creepy and potentially horrible things really.

They say because of forever forgiveness is possible for everyone but we’ll make up every last inch to get back to zero. Anyone harmed will be satisfied and all who caused harm will get back to zero. I don’t really know really.

One night they were in my head making me say “feed us the blood of an animal and we’ll bestow on you great knowledge, wealth, power” things like that.

I was once again trying to convince myself i was insane one night and instantly they said in me and forced out of my mouth “we are talking to you right now. this is not you thinking or saying this. we. are. talking. to. you.” Im crazy but im not crazy, they are defining it wrong.

They told me to respect their “children”. I was making fun of the orgies on eyes wide shut and they began to bend my spine some and i was gasping for breath. They called those people their children.

That they own the world’s churches. The churches belong to them and they sit at the top of all of them. They are demons and own the churches of the world.

They say they play all sides down here and are manipulating the situations. And at times they intentionally set up opposition to manipulate people, they’ll create the dark to run people into the arms of others who they also control. They create danger here so you’ll go there, but it’s all just them. They’ll be the solution to problems they caused.

Mind reading is scientifically explanable and not anything magical and an illusion, but it is real.

That there are numerous things they can do by way of interdimensional technologies and we haven’t seen anything yet. Like tracking, cameras, implants to make certain things happen and possible, all kinds of stuff they say they have going on and it’s all invisible.

They suggest that dark matter is what they would have called the spirit world back in the day.

That everything comes from a thing that always was and there are beings that live there and always were alive and are made of that world.

That we are nowhere near understanding the truest nature of our existence and we are all blind to our reality and what it is.

They say all beings begin in the dark and begin negative/bad/evil/incomplete.

They talk about the workings of the spirit world sometimes. Like you have to recycle, there is no aging or degrading of any kind, no maintenance nessecary on anything, our bodies need no upkeep or anything like that, you build something and it remains forever or until you take it down and put it back, we don’t have muscles or organs or anything like that, there are nessecary organizations there/nessecary groupings and partnerships to make life easier and as good as it can be and to get everyone things they need and want and to make great things for everyone, the spirit mind is much more advanced/processing at a much higher rate/greater storage and capabilities/things like that. I tell them this place sounds amazing and im really jealous of it, they assure me ill see it one day but i have no proof.

They say that spirits don’t fly, it just looks like it from where we’re standing.

There are no empty spaces.

Thats some of it, they just go on and on and on.


They talk about everything. Last night I heared singing. Sometimes they sing. It was something about a yellow cat. I yelled shut up because I tried to sleep. Very often I don’t hear full sentances, I hear parts of the conversation. The voices speak to each other.


I know what you’re talking about with the they talk to each other thing. I’ve heard weird conversations before…(though I’m not sure you can hear normal conversations from voices in your head! Ha!)


I think I’m one of the lucky ones here since I never had voices as stressful as some of your guys sound. I also think I was able to recognize they were just auditory hallucinations of my thoughts before being diagnosed. That doesn’t mean they weren’t still scary, though, and I did still get to a point where I had a psychotic episode and wasn’t able to rationalize them anymore. I think smoking weed everyday leading up to my psychotic episode helped me gain experience in dealing with them, though, since when I was high is when I would hear them the worst but never let them phase me since I rationalized it as me just being high. I still hear them occasionally since being diagnosed, but it’s nothing like it used to be and it’s very easy for me to rationalize them. It will just be like an underhand comment insulting me like calling me a faggot. It’s pretty strange to me that “faggot” is the insult of choice I hear from my voices, since I’m not a repressed homosexual or anything, but that’s just the way it is I guess.

My voices had a lot to do with my ego I think. Whenever I started to get an ego with something is when the voices would start kicking in and comment on my actions. Calling me a name whenever I made a bad decision, or congratulating when I made a good decision saying things like, “There we go. That’s the guy we like.” They also called me by names that weren’t mine, which I think is really strange. If I was doing something wrong and I knew it they would say something like, “Oh hi, Michael.” The voices would also usually be characterized as people like my dad and brother. It’s all still strange to me, but I’m glad it’s not something I really have to worry about anymore thanks to being on a good medication.

I think they also had a lot to do with my ego because after being diagnosed I was actually scared for some time to have any sort of ego. I felt like if I got any sort of ego my family was going to recognize it and hate me or even try to hurt me and do something like purposely try and trigger my schizophrenia and make me have another psychotic episode. Only really just recently, about 2 months after my episode, have I started to get comfortable with myself again and not worry about having any sort of ego as well as feel like I’m allowed to feel good about myself again. I’ve been getting back in touch with myself and am able to feel comfortable again. A lot of that also has to do with switching meds, though. Somehow after switching from risperdal to zyprexa, since I developed akathisia on risperdal, it has made the difference of feeling like a zombie with absolutely zero drive to do anything other than lay in bed on risperdal to feeling nearly as motivated as I did prediagnosis and no longer wanting to waste time doing things like just laying in bed on zyprexa.

Sorry for such a long-winded post.


ermmmm it’s mainly science, threats, some sort of ■■■■■■■■ about therapy and winning the lottery, threats to kill if i make any money from work related activities or writings…usual shite. i seem to be on a semi-quiet period that started at the beginning of the week after being omnipresent for about 8 weeks…they seem to think that they are therapists and deal brokers.(their words) to me, in all honesty, it’s just a pre-programmed response triggered by outside stimulus. hypnotic triggers. they maintain they are telepathic but that too is a triggered response. the deal is (supposedly) they give me lottery numbers and i keep my mouth shut about their treatment of me. well i have two sets of numbers. one which my grandad gave me and one that just appeared in my mind that they lay claim to giving me. personally i don’t care which one gave me the numbers as the first came from a dream from my grandad. he gave me 3 numbers which came up the following week and i won £25. the second set. 7 numbers, just sort of appeared in my mind. will they win? ■■■■■■ if i know…i’ll get my dad to play them for both of us and if it does win i’ll give him a percentage. that way it’s kinda one step removed from me as i feel it’s wrong to play them. i mean £25 from your grandad is one thing but 7 numbers after years of abuse that supposedly comes from your abusers is quite another. personally i don’t think they’ll win anything at all but there you go. that’s just my opinion and even if they did it wouldn’t be enough for what they’ve put us through or what they got out of it. nowhere near enough. but anyway, that’s what they talk about…crap though it may be. i’ll elaborate later but i’m tired now so i will bid you goodnight…or rather good morning as it is 8am here in the uk.