What are your voices generally like?


AND WITH THIS I SHALL BE GONE FOR THE REST OF THE EVENING! Ohhhhh sweet comprehension let it begin. Thanks :+1:


Yes, I’ve had dreams that come true. Just to be sure it’s not just me, I tell my wife my dreams. One time I looked at her and said, this is my dream. She didn’t know what to do with it.


I think I found a friend. :muscle::nerd_face::muscle::nerd_face:


There’s a logician and mathematician named Leibniz from a few hundred years ago in Germany who was considered a well rounded genius then and now. He used logic to deduce the universe down to binary language of off’s and on’s such as what is used in computers. The computer language of 1’s and 0’s originates from this man.

He had deduced everything down to “Monads,” and he showed how logically this is what the universe is made of. By logical deductive reasoning he is right.

He also had contended that everything in the universe is a coincidence due to being comprised of these Monads. He really was saying that the cause of you saying what you are saying was a coincidence instead of any other reason or the reason that the light pole fell over wasn’t because of the car that hit it but coincidence.

You have to work very hard to understand what he is meaning, but that would take you years of study of logic and philosophies. It is somewhat entertain in the mean time though. :slight_smile:


I have to ask, what does the muscle man represent?


If everything is a monad, they are not interdependent of each other. That makes sense.


A strong noyd that stays in the research and thinking gym allllllllll of the time making a power brain. :slight_smile: Hehe

Can you explain how you arrive at that conclusion? Thanks


My voices taught me about monads.


:joy: How’s that going?


I don’t really know. They’re everything. I don’t hear much negativity, more like my voices being annoying asf. “Check the computer, sht face, check it, check it,” and I’d say “shut UP,as wipe” Because I can pretty much say whatever bad word I want as long as it’s in my head, y’feel? But they don’t typically make me depressed or make me self harm, they just really piss me off, because what they want is to mess with me. But once I tell them to shut up it just returns to quiet nonsense in the back of my head. There’s a guy, kind of a higher pitched voice, very annoying, who narrates everything I think and do. He’s quiet rn but he’s still narrating. Thankfully he’s a coward and shuts up when I tell him too.

Other times I can’t get him to. But mostly it’s just him who’s loud, and his voice changes to whoever talked to me last. Sometimes a lady pops up, but it’s not really a lady, just a feminine voice. It’s “myself”, but very feminine and I think female. She tells me good things and tells me to calm down. Other times she will call me stupid but that’s a mix of her voice and the man’s. “You’re a feckin idiot, retard” type of stuff.


Have you ever thought that since this is your brain making voices and other no verbal conversational riffraff that you shouldn’t be yelling at them as if they are others, but instead you should be yelling at your own brain?

I have tried this, and I was successful. But you gotta aim at the organ in your head (brain) not at the voices as if they are not the brain.

What I found out is the damn thing starts talking back at me. My damn brain thinks its another person and half “monster” if you know what I mean. So flexing frustrating. I mean of all the things in this world I gotta organ that is bullsheiting me like it owns the place. SMH

So try that.


I will, that’s very good advice! Thank you


@SupercoolTM Dude you so lucky,
Mine are all like "■■■■ you, you son of a whore"
and I’m like “Hey, my mom is actually a quite nice person”


That’s awful :frowning: I do feel very lucky that my voices aren’t mean for the most part. But it really drives me insane. I get so irritated I will pick off/rip my skin off or kick things/myself.

I can understand why your voices suck as*. In the past they would say mean things about other people and I would get upset because I don’t really think that. Are you doing fine? Do you cope with the voices?


Lately I don’t hear them anymore,
But sometimes when I get overly stressed and feel that the fog of the AP is lifting I start to hear noise with offensive message toward me, it’s hard to explain this experience but I guess that some people here might relate to it.
I never took these voices as a major problem, although they were very cruel at times, I’ve always found ways to get along with them.
I have a tough skin, it’s pretty hard to hurt my feelings.


Mine are split between all those things.

I have a hateful voice,

A nice/helpful/funny voice,

And then just nonsensical chatter voices.

Its pretty busy in my brain.


I’m glad to hear it’s not as big as a problem anymore! And that you’ve grown thick skin. That’s something I’m still working on. I can deal with horrible circumstances, but the moment someone makes fun of me for being trans I crumple and go into a severely depressive state.

I’m still working on it, hopefully in the future I can be as tough as you


Mine are mumbling, incoherent nonsense. Or music.


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