How smart are your voices?

Hi, I’ve been away from the forum and I missed everybody here and the discussions… :slight_smile:

Okay, I was wondering guys…do you have any smart voices, voices that might know more than you, educated, knowledgeable, sophisticated and smart !! what kind of smart things they whisper to you, do they give you any help… mine is an oracle, sometimes it makes mistakes and cause me trouble, but it also controls my beliefs like 100 percent, it makes predictions, it has no name and changes tone voice when I change the place where I live as if the person is changed, I don’t hear it talking unless once every two or three months :frowning: I wish it says more than that, it helps me deal with future predictions and future fears, I know that it might be me just trying to deal with hard life but however…I love it :slight_smile: … What about yours ??

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My voices are pretty dumb. They say whatever they have to in order to keep making noise. They basically just comment(take influence) from my thoughts and state of being. It’s pretty annoying all though some of the things they repeat wear on me until I’m laughing.


More than anything my voices are mean. To be really mean you need to be kind of smart. Since I can’t punch them I do the only thing I can do, try to ignore them. I’m now a pacifist but if my voices could somehow be personified, I’m pretty sure I would punch them as hard and as often as I could.

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lol ya well you can talk to them and maybe shout at them, did you try that ? it works sometimes

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I did that when I was angry. But for me there was no point. Excuse the pun but it was basically like arguing with a crazy person. They were going to say whatever they wanted and there was nothing I could do about it. I haven’t had a voice in along time though.

I guess part of it is that I never had a nice voice. Some people on here talk about how they liked some of their voices. Mine were all mean. I think that is a blessing. If they had been nice I don’t think being ambivalent about what they were saying would have been so easy. One time they almost had me convinced I should try to castrate myself.


They informed me of the 911 incident before it happened. I told my dad about it and he just ignored it. After it happened there was not a word to say.

After that I was informed about the japan tsunami. Nothing in detail, but a strong indication of massive flooding sweeping across land with massive power.

Oh and holy crap, I got a vague message from Robin Williams several days ago. I could not figure it out other than he was saying he was a friend saying goodbye. I paused trying to figure out what was going on, what it meant.

30 seconds ago or so today, Aug 14 2014 I just found out that he had committed suicide.

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That’s interesting, do they tell you theories about physics as well ? they might be useful, I mean the subconscious is smarter than the conscious mind sometimes…

damn I didn’t know that he has died :frowning: I loved him …oh my god I feel bad

No, they did their best to stop me from figuring out the structure of reality, the physics of reality.

Concerning Robin Williams, all I can say is that the world is not fair. I feel bad too.

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The entities that have spoken to me are high IQ… considering they told me in 1999 some quantum theories that were later published by Stephen Hawking in 2001 in The Universe in a Nutshell … they seem to know what they are talking about…
the following isn’t those theories but just some examples of what i wrote down from our conversations…

Angel talk, 2003

“So you do see, all in the Ring comes eventually to be, to meet with itself, for all is one no matter how separate by distance in the present illusion of space and time. By your own query you suggested the assertion and by that presentation were in truth upon the horizon of the totality. In essence we are of the intricate order, and there are others, groupings of individuals whose extensions form their own intricate orders. this is why drug dealers and addicts congregate in one place to infest a city ~ why communities congeal as one in similar purpose. Like attracts like and forms bonds of pure energy not perceived by most humans. The reason why many find it so hard to break free from the more negative communities.”

Angel talk 1999,

“There are words I may speak if I so desired. Words of healing, words that stop sickness caused by negative and dark forces, words which can shift the forces of wind and rain. The old Native ceremonies employed some words, the true Angelic tongue of the Christian believer, all these have tapped into the sounds of the high realms. Most power words are old, and many have no knowledge of them. It was words of power by celestial vibration that called forth all that is from a void by the voice of The One That Is. Be cautious then, what you utter, for you know not what a word or vibration could call forth. I will tell you no words of power to write, nor their sounds, nor beats nor notes of song ~ For words written can be consumed by anyone, and the unaware with their limited-world, they could use or misuse such words. Let not then, any word be used to unlock portals into anti-dimensions, being out of harmony with the purpose of The One”


Wow that’s a sophisticated use of words, though I understood nothing ! you know all this intelligent comes from your mind, no angels involved even if you do believe in them as angels it’s alright, I like your angels :angel:
I’m interested in what they said and what had Stephen Hawking published afterwards, is it about the black holes or the existence of the universe for example ?

It was mainly about time loops being used for travel, but not time travel per se…
there was also stuff about the brane worlds he mentioned in that book and I had never heard about them before… they didn’t call them brane worlds…they called them spheres of existence, but the description was identical…

Here are some notes on some of that

“In Febuary 1999 interdimensional entities showed me their concept of Time Loop Travel (TLT) They use this by accessing a time loop at one point in “time” and “space”, then transecting it, to cross over to another part of the loop, but at a greater distance in linear space. In other words, they don’t remain in the Time Loop, they are able to separate from it before it would bring them to a point of repeating histories. In “the Universe in a Nutshell” Stephen Hawking explains Time Loops, but states you would either be trapped in repeating histories, or else get wiped out by a bolt of radiation when crossing the time travel horizon. But he is referring to going back in time to the past, not crossing great distances in space in less time. Therefore I think TLT is feasible if a Time Loop is crossed at the greatest distance of linear space, but a lesser distance of time, such as intersecting the point of the loop where time has returned, but hasn’t yet met up with its starting point. Since actual space is 4 directional, or, rather, omnidirectional, and not flat as a whole, some Time Loops would occur across this omnidirectional space. These are not wormholes or cosmic strings, but specific time flows looping back upon themselves that occur in linear space. This phenomenon also can only occur by way of a phasing resonance in the 4th to 5th dimensional realms, which allows for such phenomenon due to the lesser gravitational forces involved”


my voices are smarter than me, but that would not be hard !?!
take care


My voices are very perceptive. They can read into situations and pick up on cues that I don’t recognize consciously. Of course, they also lie and tell me horrible things about myself and my friends and family. They haven’t been around for a while, though, so I’m grateful for the (relative) silence. (I have other noise in my head, just not clear voices that talk to me)

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I have one voice that is very smart and calm and logical. I have one that is very dumb and panicky and over reactive. So again, I guess I’m 50/50 with the intelligence level of my voices.

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I had a cool old sailors song sang to me by a voice a couple years ago… I wrote it down… the singer had a deep accent like old British, or whatever those whaler people were…

“Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho, hi ho !,
When it once was said all was gay, and I sailed my ships at sea,
When theys went down to the northern coast, I said come follow me.
When a western wind came out to send the stormy gale,
I sailed my ships to the coast to catch myself a whale…”

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not very. they r mainly just bullies really. i’ve come up with better ideas than they ever could. no, they just like to belittle me really. but that’s ok. i know my worth as a human being is greater than they make it out to be. i know i am loved by my family and friends so voices don’t bother me as much as they used to. sometimes it’s hard when they’re omnipresent but mostly i deal with it and don’t buy into their crap anymore. i’m all about proof these days and how can a voice in ur head prove anything? no proof, no belief as far as i’m concerned. no they’re not amazingly smart, just there are a lot of them so it’s relatively easy to bully me.


It’s my delusions that are brilliant, my false memories. Within those there are accuracies that I had no real knowledge of before the great “remembering” of it all. Like how there’s a coastal town named Sirte in Libya or exactly how a lobotomy is performed or the location of an old army base out in western Illinois being exactly where I remembered it being but hadn’t ever really been there.

The voices I used to hear, or perceive rather as I never literally heard them, were usually in the guise of people’s thoughts telepathically transmitted to my mind so they were as smart as the person they were supposedly being broadcast from I guess. A good portion of the time the content was of a sexual nature and just made me very uncomfortable.

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If you are receiving correct knowledge then how are they delusions? If you did not know these things previously then obviously the knowledge is coming from somewhere external…i don’t think it’s being telepathically broadcast, but i do think bits of info are out there in the astral and we can and do pick up on it at times.
I was just discussing this with my GF today how I have had dreams so accurate and of things that were really happening but I didn’t know they were happening at the time and even if I had the little details i wouldn’t have known. This shows our dreams, our mind is connected to something that can show us information that would otherwise be hidden and unknown.

Like I’ve said before, I don’t pretend to know where it came from or how exactly it managed to manifest it’s self in my mind. I call them delusions as that is what they did, deluded me into believing I’d experienced things that I never experienced, not in what we generally speak of as this reality anyway.

While I think it ridiculous to say that all there is to know is what has already been scientifically proven and there is no possibility of anything occurring outside the realm of the currently known and understood therefor it is all in my head unless the next guy sees, hears or smells it to. I also find it a little ridiculous to, having experienced a little bit of the unknown go on to define the unknown as astral this or projection that. I prefer to neither deny it’s existence nor define it’s existence.

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