What are your visual hallucinations like?

Been gettin some lately, though not consistently - think I might be bein drugge cause they are not really the same as the ones I’ve had before and fit more some of the descriptions of drug induced hallucinations I’ve sometimes had and have read about. What are/were yours like?

I get a lot of mental imagery. Not really visual though some of it is vivid. “Seeing” people’s potential emotional states.

Used to have all kinds of ■■■■ going on in there.


I see bright lights, things on the wall. Today I saw a car that wasn’t there. I don’t know about this tegretol.

I saw a truck once that wasn’t real. Freaked me out. Dont know what caused that. Was a stand alone experience.

Just movement in my peripheral. Nothing that distressing. However when I first got sick I had complex visuals , clearly seeing things that were not there.

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Last week when I was psychotic I saw the person on television turn and talk to me and tell me to kill myself. Later on I was reading my kindle and the words said my name and told me to go kill myself. I called the doctor and he increased my antipsychotic.

I see family that look distorted or like someone from high school. My son would look like someone from Star Trek. Looking at photographs or Facebook pictures helps with my hallucinations

My last visual hallucination was Haunting and Spectacular - 2 radiant human spirits (ghosts) standing across the street from the cemetery - very surreal - this was years ago

When I was first not doing well… and when I have relapsed… the head circus really put on a show.

I used to see the house on fire a lot. It was so real to me. I’d see all sorts of stuff very solidly that clearly wasn’t there.

I marvel at how real it all seemed back then.

These days… it’s just little things that flutter out of the corner of my eye… or a “now it’s here now it’s gone” sort of deal.

I still have a depth perception things were I feel like stuff is growing or shrinking… a bit of rippling in the floors and walls.

No where near as out there and as solid seeming as when I was first crumbling.

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Things bubble…People do harm, they hurt me while I’m down…Things get darker around me. Light flicker.

I see people say things that they probably didnt actually say. It’s extremely challenging to tell the difference between what is real or not.


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I saw politicians doing their jobs properly.

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Walls stretch objects shrink or grow or sometimes my vision jumps.
Color flashes.

I used to see blue or red or green mini tornado colors going around the room but I was pretty sick then.

Old post, but my visual hallucinations consists of ghostly figures, demons, angels and shadow people.