What do you see? Visual hallucinations

For those with visual hallucinations, what do you see? I see things change colors and see shadows.

Movement in peripheral vision. When I look directly at what seemed to be there, there is nothing.


I get that alot

I see bright white spots sometimes, kinda like a static field over everything when I look kinda hard, I see fluctuations in light and dark. Weird stuff.

When I suffered from hypoglycemia, I used to see stationary white spots, and blacks spots that were always on the move horizontally. But these were the real deal, thus not hallucinations.

I’ve seen a lot of things. When I was little my visual hallucinations were very vivid. I’d see characters in my paintings move and talk, see little men running around in my blankets, etc. As I got older they went away for a while and then came back different when I was around 15.

Then my hallucinations were more trippy. Bright colors everywhere or orbs that drifted around. Walls melting. Floors swirling. Stuff like that. Then as I got older there started becoming more, like I’d see people’s faces float in front of their head when they talked or shrink on their head, which was actually pretty funny. More recently I’ve started seeing people or normal things that don’t look out of place but then they vanish instantly.

I also see things wrong, so like I’ll see an object that is physically there but I’ll see it as something else, usually as something really disturbing/scary, like seeing robes hanging in the closet as hanging bodies. I also tend to get pretty vivid closed eye hallucinations that are often scary as well, demented faces without eyes, etc. Sometimes cool stuff too.

I’ve had all sorts of hallucinations. Not just visual.

I painted a zebra I saw once. It was trippy, but I have naver taken any halucinogens or whatever it’s called, I saw it standing right in front of me

It was painted and seen at my second stay at a ward


I see movements in my peripheral vision when I have a lot of stress and swirling color patterns when I try to sleep since I can remember

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Purple/violet/blue lights and orbs

Radio waves. These look like radiating concentric circles.

Shadowy figures

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