How are your visual hallucinations?

I see complex hallucinations, like animals and people.
But more often I see colours, lights, shapes, shades, dots etc.
They last for seconds.
My mind gets on fire.
I can’t explain my visions.
They are like flashbacks in movies


I was hallucinating red dots all over the room especially at night I thought I was being targeted or something so I wouldn’t sit still in one place

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I have no control over my visions.
They happen when it’s their time to happen.

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I see demons, they almost look like people but theyre a lot more grotesque. I also see normal people more often. Something else that happens is objects in my peripheral vision turn into faces while im not looking at them. I look at them, the face goes away, then i look away and the face comes back. Theyre always looking at me.

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That must be frightening.
I once hallucinated a fat guy jogging,
in colourful clothes.
He vanished in thin air

I have seen schizophrenics
ordering two coffees on cafés,
and sitting opposite to an empty chair
and discussing with nobody for hours.

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My hallucinations are constant. Everyday things like stationary things moving around, if I look at an object for more than a few seconds it starts disintegrating, faces in random patterns (especially in wood), I get music and/or crowd noises… those are the everyday ones, there are also special cases

In mental hospital I used to see flying penises.

Most often, I see spots on the wall, ceiling, or floor (real or imagined) out of my peripheral vision that I think are small spiders, and when I turn to look, they’re gone. I see these very frequently when I’m even slightly anxious, and it gets worse the more anxious I get.

Less frequently, I also see much larger, oval shaped shadows about the size of rats, only on walls, and only the lower half of walls. They are like reliefs, attached to the wall, and slightly 3D. These relief shadows have shadows of their own, attached to the wall, as a normal shadow would be. The ovals aren’t in my peripheral vision, but right in front of me. They “run” across the wall, very fast, as if trying to hide behind a piece of furniture, but then vanish before reaching the piece of furniture. They startle me, but with a sense that they are more afraid of me, than I am of them.

I always see halo’s around lights and also around objects when they’re against a background of a contrasting color (black on white, for example) They never move or change, or get weird, so I barely notice it.

Sometimes I see a grey mist everywhere, but it’s not a mist. I noticed if I’m with someone, I don’t say, “It’s misty” when I see it…instead, I say, “do you see mist?” (No one ever does!) I can see it’s not real, I guess, because it doesn’t look denser, the farther away I look. It’s uniformly misty. And it seems very still. And it is associated with a sad feeling, like something is over, or ending, or gone.

More than once, I’ve had what I think are hypnogogic hallucinations, and they are much more vivid and formed. Once I woke up in the middle of taking a bite out of a giant, hallucinated cheeseburger. Boy was that disappointing. Another time, I saw a giant, mean clown mask attached to the back end of a car in front of me on the highway. The mask quickly disappeared, but the car seems to have been real. Another time, I awoke screaming, and sure that there was a giant centipede crawling around somewhere in the bed.

(Hmmm…I’m noticing a “giant” theme to my hypnogogic hallucinations!)

The other day, I was riding in the car, and thought I saw a small roller coaster with two humps sitting in the middle of a parking lot, all lit up with blue and white lights. When I turned to look, there was nothing there. I’m not sure if this was a hallucination, or an illusion caused by my glasses reflecting the headlights of the car behind me. The headlights were yellowish, not blue and white though, so I think it’s wishful thinking that it was an illusion.

Once I had a febrile hallucination. I thought there were a whole slew of little geometric “things” crawling across the ceiling, and they were going to drop down on me. I was in the hospital, wearing a hat. I remember the nurse coming in, laughing at me and snatching the hat off of my head. A minute or two later, the “things” were gone.

Once a long time ago, sadly, I smoked marijuana that I didn’t know had psychedelic mushrooms in it. I saw repeating trails off of the edges of people/objects when they moved, or I moved.

I also frequently have olfactory hallucinations, usually cigarette smoke.

I have a tactile hallucination. If I use my middle finger and ring finger to scroll using my laptop touchpad (mouse) I can feel a phantom, third finger in the middle of them. This phantom finger happens on both hands.

A couple of times when I was growing up, I heard someone call my name, and when I responded, they said they didn’t say my name.

I don’t know if it counts, but I have also not seen and heard things that actually happened. The other day, I was alone in the house, someone came in, walked right behind me, through the room, and went about their business in the house. When they came in the room I was in the second time, I was startled, because I thought I was alone. Who knows where my mind was that I was unaware of my surroundings to that degree!

I guess I’m kind of used to hallucinations, but mine are fleeting, and not usually very detailed or interacting with me directly, yet.

I don’t have a lot of visual hallucinations, but when I do, they’re mostly in my peripheral vision.
I feel I see someone waving at me from a shadow, or someone peeking in from the door opening.

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Do you think it’s cool to hallucinate. I do even when I’m horrified. Maybe I’m stupid.

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I understand you.
No matter how frightening they may be,
still it is something extraordinary, unusual.

I really don’t.
I’m fascinated with hallucinations, in the sense that I find it amazing how much sensory input the brain is able to misintepret and invent.

But I find it horrifying to have an illness that means I cannot trust that what I perceive is what’s really going on.

I don’t respond when people call my name or try to talk to me unless they’re in my field of view, becausey brain makes me hear that falsely 10-20 times a day.

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