What are your thoughts on aliens?

Has anyone ever seen a ufo or anything like that because that would clear up a lot of things I’ve personally never seen one but I really want to… I feel like that would explain a lot

I believe there are other living things out there. They haven’t found us yet, and vice versa.


Same but that would be very cool if we could see them

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I personally don’t believe in UFOs. However, I have heard a compelling argument that there is up to one super civilization in every galaxy. Probably why we haven’t seen much. They’re probably not that common. Plus space is vast, the ability to travel large distances (inter galaxy) would take very long. Maybe there are other methods to communicate. One good one I heard are quasars (corrected).

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Well I think it’s naieve to think that we’re the only life in the entire universe.

I don’t believe there are aliens regularly abducting us and secretly controlling the world though lol.


My life has been very paranormal. Im seeing almost everything actually, haven’t seen bigfoot yet though or a leprachaun either, but almost everything.

We were out in the middle of the night hanging out and we went into the woods.

Out of nowheres, after everything became very eerie and calm and quiet, we looked up and there was a triangular craft inching across the city at an almost standstill. It didn’t make any noise whatsoever and was so close you wouldn’t believe, just over the tree line.

Don’t know what it was to this day. Aliens, interdimensionals, secret gov. craft. Remains unidentified.

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Given how much suffering has occurred on planet Earth, I highly doubt the Universe has experimented on any other planet with life or consciousness.

I don’t believe in aliens, but I do believe souls from this world have managed to survive death and like to play games with people’s ignorance.

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Too much strange shite in space anyways!

Curiously. I’ve seen a ghost. …was like 5 or 6 or so and saw a spectral hand come out from below my bed…It scared the ■■■■ out of me and I slept badly that night…

But then again. I was diagnosed schizophrenic and I hallucinate a bit…

Maybye one leads into another there.


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Nothing Is Impossible …

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You Mite Get In Trouble …

: )

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I think I heard somewhere that scientists estimate that there are nine billion planets capable of supporting life in the Milky Way Galaxy alone. I imagine that on quite a few of these planets support intelligent life. Even a small fraction of nine billion is a lot. Could be aliens are watching us right now and trying to decide if we are worth helping. Any civilization capable of space travel would be capable of wiping us out with ease. All they would have to do is nudge a sizable asteroid onto a collision course with earth.

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I believe that the UFO sightings have actually been angels in the air. I also believe that the “gut level feeling” that there is life on other planets is actually us sensing that Heaven is out there somewhere…no matter how big the universe I believe we are the only ones.

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That’s cool I always hear stories like that I think ufos could be real I watch too many alien videos and theorys

Lol. I usually check Nasa like once a week… it’s cool but I’m just waiting till aliens are on the news

They found us. And they turned back.


Instead of quasars it might be gamma ray bursts. I honestly don’t remember.

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If there is one super civilization in every galaxy then there are one-hundred-trillion super civilizations in the universe.

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I thought there were approx. a hundred billion, not 100 trillion. There’s probably 100 trillion synapses in the brain ( if I remember correctly).

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So a hundred billion super Civs. That’s not counting other universes lol.

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