Do you believe in aliens?

I do… deeply… we can’t be the only ones, you know?


Yep …im surrounded by them (literally) thats the only rational explanation for what im experiencing.

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I do too 151515

I believe in aliens and ufos!! My dad says he saw a ufo when he was a teenager. I want to see a ufo too! I hope one day aliens attack us or at leasy come to earth and say hello. I hope this happens in my lifetime

I’ve been visitied by several beings over the years.

One of them was a grey alien, he showed up moments after my first psychosis began. Just walked in and stared at me. I was like “ooookkkkkaaayyyy, im going to go now.”

And then we saw something unidentified to. Just overhead about the trees, made no noise and was inching over the city at night.

All that i can say is that there are others and they know we are here. Don’t know what they are yet though.

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Yes I do :slight_smile: I honestly don’t believe we are the only ones.

I don’t think we’re alone in this universe, our galaxy isn’t the only one out there and if every star is either a planet or a sun, then technically there could be thousands of planets out there. Not sure exactly what there might be, anything is speculative, but it’d be naïve and incredibly egotistical to think that in something so great and vast [space] that we were the only intelligent inhabitants


Yes! There is intelligent life out there, with the odds of life and the size of the observable universe in mind!

I love aliens!

Have to be careful though.

Some like to pretend they are aliens apparently. They can make it look like it very very well. Why the ■■■■ you would do that i have no idea, guess they are bored i don’t know. They do stuff like that though.

There is more than just our universe and the way it works, other stuff and other beings to. Some are assholes and they like to make us think things.

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I’m sure there must be other intelligent life in the universe, google “the drake equation” if you want to see the probability of it.

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Here’s a 5 minute video on the drake equation I found

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