Do you believe in aliens, ufos?

I want to see a ufo. My dad says he seen one when he was a teenager. I think aliens exist. They have too. The universe is so big there has to be other life out there somewhere. I really hope I see a ufo one day. Im going to start looking for them. Will keep my eyes on the skies starting from tomorro. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

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My main augment against is much more people are carrying cameras these days ie mobile phones. Hasn’t been an increase of photos coming to light. Which all logic should be…If they are real.

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Thats a good point. If I ever see a ufo I dont think I would take a picture. Id be too excited and just stare at it I think

But that’s just you. The net has shown us how snap crazy a lot of people are these days though.


I believe in aliens. Not sure if I believe they’ve made their way here though. Any ufo will be of our design not theirs. In my opinion.

The universe is too vast not to be life elsewhere. I also had the delusion when I was in the psych ward once that I was an alien in a robot society. It was consistent with my “chosen one” delusion, but that I was the only real person, and in dec 21 2012 they would bring me back to my home planet. Ahhhh I just got nostalgia, even though those weren’t so pleasant times probably.

But seriously, I do think there’s aliens. Some are probably more advanced than us, some are less, and some are similarly as advanced. It’s just science and evolution that there must be aliens I believe.

I saw a UFO when I was a teen - It was broad daylight.

Later on I found out that I was not the only one seeing objects in the sky - It was announced on the radio than many others in my area saw these unidentified objects swirling about the skies.

I do believe the possibility of other life forms existing out in the Universe - but I dont fixate or obsess over it

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Logically, if the universe is infinite, then there is an infinite amount of life, so aliens exist. However, they haven’t been to earth, we’re too stupid for them.


Don’t forget your towel!

Introducing logic into a UFO conversation just spoils things, you know that, right? Actual video evidence? Who wants that?



I don’t discount the possibility.

Maybe one day humans will discover life on another planet
And people will be able to travel to this planet just like we fly to other countries

Yes, I believe in many conspiracy theories including that related with aliens. I think that theses supra-humanoïds species consider humans like humans consider bonobos : an unevolved species, particularly little able to properly handle without destroying itself the most advanced technologies like antimatter or light-speed travels. Have a look on this video of former Canada Secretary of Defense, Paul Hellyer about disclosure.

I don’t believe in aliens, but maybe I should. I think they might say its orchestrated. It’s a set up. It’s done by our government. I don’t trust it.

The universe is not infinite. It had a beginning and it may have an end. At this point in time , it is expanding. Howevsr there are theories out there that suggest it may contract. Expanding and contracting , inflating and deflating

Aliens?! Are you crazy? Aliens don’t exist.
But dwarfs, elves, hobits and mermaids does.


2 of my grandparents, my mom and dad all claim to have seen UFO’s on separate occasions.

I believe that anything is possible.The universe is too vast for us to be alone. I don’t trust other people’s supposed encounters. I have to experience it myself, but I think it’s plausible that there’s something out there. The popular concept of aliens ( i.e. big-headed, hyper intelligent humanoids monitoring humanity’s progress and such) seems far fetched to me- although I sort of hope it’s true. :smile:

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It isn’t infinite, it is shaped like the energy field of the earth.

It’s a gigantic doughnut.

I saw a triangular unidentified flyer quite some time ago. It was so close you wouldn’t believe, just above the trees. Like three in the morning nearly hovering over the city, it made no noise and just inched along over all of us.

Not saying it was an alien though, it was unidentified.

I also saw a grey up close and personal, he walked into the room just after my first “psychosis” began.

Here is what we’ve got here: Life on other planets and interdimensionals as well. Some beings are even eternal/immortal, they are made of the most blissful ■■■■ i’ve ever heard of. They can traverse a dessert and be just fine.

The interdimensionals show up in odd ways though, they take on certain appearances so we can know we are looking at something conscious, like pan, they call him a faerie but that is just an old word for “spirit”. They also appear in dreams and hallucinations as well as appearing physical at times.

You never really know what the ■■■■ you are looking at really. Spirits pretending to be aliens, aliens pretending to be human, humans pretending to be aliens and spirits, aliens pretending to be spirits, spirits pretending to be humans. It’s all convoluted really.

Did you know that bigfoot is just a trickster dressed up like a big ape-man. I ■■■■■■■ lost it when i figured that out, it’s a ghost dressed up like a big monkey to trick us.

Ive never seen a UFO with lights flashing and whatnot but when I was a kid driving from Ketchikan Ak. To Saxman Ak I saw serious displacement of matter.

I saw a complete black out of the sky and at that same time we had water overrunning the road in gushes.

Ok so that’s my ufo experience. …yours?