What are your interactions like with

… With the voices,

Do they listen to you,
Do they negotiate with you
Do they ignore what you say
Twist what you say
Complain at what you say??

Do you usually not interact with them or


What do you talk about with them

Is there a recurrent theme?
Is there not one?

Is it mainly nonsensical or sensical talk?

My voices are all nonsensical talk.

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So you can’t understand what they are saying or is it like random sentences?
Mine said random things sometimes

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I have different relationships with all of my voices. I dont really talk to them now that I’m on meds because they just dont talk but when I wasnt I had a very good relationship with some that were loving and supportive and got me through very hard times, others I had stormy relationships with but still loved and others I just hated who were very cruel to me and abused me like the demons who I tried to avoid talking with.

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I never really talked out loud with the voices I heard but the internal ones, wen they would say something I would naturally in my head have responded with a thought back then.

Mine talk gibberish. I can’t understand what they are saying, no.

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