Internal Voices

Hi all,

Does anybody have internal voices? I would describe them like thoughts but they’re not your own.

Mine overlap what I’m thinking about and usually have to do with the subject of what I’m thinking about but they almost make it impossible to think clearly and effortlessly. I have to actually think about my passing thoughts to see if they’re my own, if that makes any sense.

The internal voices seem “louder” than passing thoughts and they talk to me, rather than me thinking to myself.

Before meds they would race all day long-- from the time I got up until I went to bed. Nowadays it’s just the overlapping and no racing, thank goodness.

I’ve seen a few threads describing this, but just figured I’d ask you guys again.



I struggle with this on a daily basis and meds never helped me with this.

It’s like having a group chat in your head everytime you think about something.

My psychiatrist told me to just let them talk it out and try not to engage or be involved in any stressful situations.

She said the important thing is to not let them argue.

Hope this helps !

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Thanks for sharing @DNA, it helps a ton. Sounds like you’re managing this well. Hope it’s gotten better for you :purple_heart:

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I used to hear voices that bullied me. Meds got it under control, but two years later I ‘heard’ different voices; my name just getting repeated over and over most of the time, at a variety of pitches

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I’m glad the meds got the bullying voices under control for you-- have you switched meds since the type of voice has changed?

That’s something I worry about-- the voices changing and getting to the point where it’s full-blown all the time.

Hope you are well :purple_heart:

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