What do they say to each other?

I was going to post this in the sz and sza category but I think this should be asked to a wider range of people.
anywho, do your voices converse with each other like you aren’t even there? my voices do specially Aaron, Rebecca and Philip. they will talk to each other about me and act like I am not worthy to hear their conversations. they talk negative about me mostly, or people around me.

my voices talk to each other. mostly they talk down to me, tell me to hurt myself, give me reasons to be worthless and tell me to hurt others. it makes me very paranoid cause some things they say to me will be repeated by other people so it’s kinda like their reading my mind. just curious… how do you know the names of your voices? My psychiatrist asked me this question. I just want to know if your the same.

hmm, that sounds like DID.

I know their names because that’s what they told me, I didn’t name them. I understand what you are saying, its the main three I mentioned. devon just yells cusswords insults at me and beliel gives me guidance (he’s a gargoyle). At first it was just Devon and Aaron then Beliel came along to defend me. after a few years Rebecca and Philip kind of just popped up.

do you ever revert back to a different age when you are hearing them?

I’ve talked with several people like this.

Meds might not help all cases.

I named mine, puff and 42. Not sure if that’s normal or not. I guess I didn’t completely name them. I just knew that’s what their names were. I shouldn’t believe them when they talk about me or to each other about me. Unfortunately I do listen and it affects me. I feel bad or like a failure. It’s really disturbing when they say “he’s going to cut his arm today like we’ve wanted him to” or something like that. I feel like they’ve controlled me in the past. I punched my eye till it was swollen black and all I could offer is that puff made me do it. no one really understands that concept. That a voice made me do something.

no same age throughout the experiences of hearing them. my pdoc knows I have problems with the voices he said its rare to have insight like I have at least when i’m medicated. When i’m not, I believe every word uttered by them. When they are at their worst I start to think I am a piece of crap (pg version of what they call me) that i’m a fat cow, that no one loves me. the worst one is my parents should have smothered me while I was little.

besides medication,

lots of love, honey.

It’s helping me, anyway.

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thanks for the advice, the only person I feel that loves me at all is my partner but we have issues we need to work on with her parents being worse than I am when it comes to mood swings

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My voices almost always only talk to each other. I am just an observer. They usually speak a made-up language so I can’t even understand them. The angry couple like to fight with each other in English though, and my news anchor makes reports on my day in English.

When I am unmedicated, they talk to me directly. Usually it’s my family members screaming about the very descriptive ways they are being tortured and why it is all my fault.

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i’m sorry @ninjastar, I hate when the talking quiets down to whispering cause I always feel they are plotting something against me.

I like most of my medicated voices. They’re oddly soothing. I grew up in a crowded house, so I’m used to always hearing conversations going on in the background. I also have my own theme music, and that is relaxing. I sometimes just relax in bed and let the sounds wash over me.

there is only one soothing voice for me that is beliel. he is a gargoyle. he’s big like a mastiff but has wings. his voice is deep and low.