What are some good tips for quitting smoking

I been smoking 10 years and just tired of smoking. Any tips you ex smokers could give me? It would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I got nicorette gum and the patch. I Really wanna quit so bad it’s so unhealthy

The patch, ■■■■ the gum. I’m on the patch and it’s been three weeks. I suggest doing something like lots of exercise to keep your anxiety and irritability in check. I went back to Krav Maga for two weeks, it helped.

Just think of how it’s killing you and ask if you are ready to die. I have ■■■■ to do before I want to die. I’m 21 and was smoking a pack a day sometimes more for three years.

And take the patch off before you sleep or you will have extremely intense nightmares, I sometimes enjoy the misery and hate myself but that’s not really normal or healthy.
Take the patch off at night or you will wake up from vivid nightmares at like 3am.

Thanks for the tips.but I slept for 3 nights with the patch and I’m no’t getting nightmares

It’s not for everyone… but eventually I had to use the taper method… cut it in half… then half again… so on and so on.

that last one cigarette was hard to kick.

I liked the gum but for me it was almost as addictive as cigarettes

I switched to electronic cigarettes and my lungs are clear and my wallet is fuller.

Haven’t had a real cigarette in 2 years, the e-cigs work!

Yeah can relate. Switched to e-cigs cos the gum was expensive. Not smoked in weeks.

I quit cold turkey and was fine in a few days.
But it was 5th or 6th challenge.

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Some say the book Easy way to stop smoking by Allen Carrr has helped them. He’s written a few books on the subject even one for women. As well as quitting a few other addictions.

Just think of how good you will smell when you shove those stinky butts to the kerb.


Alan Carr’s book will give you the motivation to give up. But I could only give up by switching to ecigs.