I need tips

I need tips Hi, I just put out my last cigarette. I no longer want to be a slave to an addiction. I need advice from people who have been through this … Also encouragement and support. I will appreciate it.

Wow, I read that title wrong. I was thinking to myself, man, that guys right, it sure would be fun right about now.

It’s really hard to do so don’t beat yourself up if you fail. It becomes part of the process and sometimes you can get help with nicotine replacement or champix. Either way I wish you luck. I got off of them on champix over a decade ago. One of the best things I ever did…


never get back
even if you get weak and smoked
stop this
get it out of your bronchi and your blood and your brain

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I can give you some tips. I blog, and have this on my site as smoking cessation based on mindfulness. Good luck:

First, see if you can get your hands on nicotine patches/gum. In California, there is a program where they ship you a 4 week supply of patches free of charge and make follow-up calls to monitor your progress. When you decide your quit date, use the patch with a “new start” attitude. When you begin to have a craving, resist. Keep resisting and notice just how difficult it is to do this. I can’t stress the importance of mindfulness at this moment: feel the pressure, the stress of the moment. It make take all of your will. If you absolutely cannot do it, do something you don’t want to do: for me, this meant house chores. I’d sweep, wash, scrub, get my hands dirty type cleaning. If you find that a few minutes (and the craving) have passed, great! When the craving strikes again, recall how difficult it was to resist the urge and the feelings associated with it; you can think it, write it down, or simply just verbalize it. Use this as a platform for future refusals. For me, on that first day, the cravings hit hard and often. I recalled in my mind the painstaking will it took to refuse the cigarette and repeated this affirmation: I will not allow my hard work go to waste. Supplement your quitting by removing lighters, matches, cig coupons or anything that may cause a relapse. Keep your things (your residence, bills, plans, etc) in order.

Simplified with a step by step guide:

  1. Pick planned quit date
  2. Use cessation aid (patch, gum, pill) on quit day
  3. When urges strike, resist
  • if you cannot resist, do something you do not want to do (ex. chores) until the urge passes
  1. Stay present during urges
  • monitor, write, verbalize core feeling during the urge and resistance
  1. Recall core feeling when urges strike again
  2. Use affirmation (I will not allow my hard work to go to waste)
  3. Supplemental activities to avoid relapse
  • Keep things around you orderly
  1. As days mount, the urges decrease as does the nicotine dependence
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I bought a big box of nicorette gum and chewed some whenever I had the urge to smoke. Eventually I chewed less and less. It worked for me to quit. Also I date people that don’t like smoking so I don’t start again.

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I’ve been on champix for three boxes and I’m still smoking. I have 17 pills left. what should I do? will champix work on me? I want to quit smoking but it’s hard for me

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