What Are Intrusive Thoughts?


This doesn’t relate completely but in my real life, I catch myself a lot with sayings from Kate Winslet’s character in TITANIC.

So it manifests in me calling my mom ‘Mother’’ or saying words like ‘Inertia’ or ‘precipice’, or ‘no way out’ … and it’s not always THAT deliberate…

It’s subconsciously flows and it does feel like fiction works have intruded on me at times…

Bc it’s unfortunate now- I think in laws can see this, and that’s not ideal when you think about it.

I really could be served if I could manage that A.A. ‘Cry’ they talk about.

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I’ll get these paranoid thoughts or random violent images popping up in my head from time to time.

I am diagnosed with OCD, so this could be the issue.

Not sure why I get them.

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I have a malicious “voice” in my thoughts coming from a little man with a panamahat!
He looks a little like my stepfather . that vicious ■■■■■■■.

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Spring forth from a spark, outside of my train of thought, usually not good thoughts, they then ember and seeth, becoming more and more on the forefront until I would consider it going into obsession.

I’ve got a couple therapy tools. Zoloft helps.

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I get them. They feel not real or inserted not mine…

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İt s happen me time to time but not much as used to be

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