Somebody please explain what is meant by

“intrusive thoughts”? And is it a neurotic or a psychotic phenomenon?


Like when you get a random thought in your head that makes you very uncomfortable that doesn’t go away really. For me it sometimes is a little like paranoia like “I’m going to go psychotic and kill someone” but then I get my bearings and it passes

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Its always the nicest of people that get intrusive thoughts Iol.

Sometimes I have thoughts in my head that don’t seem to be my own.

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I lose the narrative in my head and it’s pretty similar to the voices but less disturbing

For me it’s like a sudden flash of either a horrible though(kick the dog, expose yourself, a terrible way for someone to die) or a brief image in my mind that triggers ruminations.

Zoloft helped to calm these down

I have delusional thoughts that won’t go away and my pdoc calls them ‘intrusive thoughts’, I think the term is used loosely for unwanted thoughts that one doesn’t have control over.

I think it can be either psychotic or neurotic. It happens in lots of psychiatric conditions.

I’ll get random intrusive thoughts from time to time but they haven’t become obsessive lately.

@Daze what is “synthetic telepathy”?

Mine tend to be more fear-based. Yeah- what is synthetic telepathy?

Thank you @firemonkey.

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