The difference between intrusive thoughts and thought insertion

Intrusive thoughts are a symptom of OCD. An example of it is when YOUR OWN horrible thoughts pop into your head and you can’t get rid of them. The key here is that the thoughts are your own.

Thought insertion is a symptom of sz/sza and possibly other psychotic disorders. An example of it is when horrible thoughts FROM OTHER PEOPLE, OR ANOTHER SOURCE bombard your brain against your will, and you can’t stop it.


My psychologist showed me evidence that intrusive thoughts are not always symptoms of mental illness, and just a part of how normal people think.

It only becomes an issue when you fixate on them and pay attention to them.

I was a bit surprised about this, but it did help me stop thinking in this way somewhat.

I have had thought insertion before and it was horrible. My intrusive thoughts and voices where trying to get me beaten up by strangers everywhere I went, and I thought I could hear their thoughts and they were trying to control me.

I am glad those days are over.

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Intrusive thought is just a thought which we keep holding in mind. The reason we keep thought or information is because we value them. So to get rid off it we need to first make its less valuable. When we no longer consider it valuable we automatically put off that thought or information from mind.

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My intrusive thoughts are linked and proved by visual hallucinations. It is something like that when we assume it and it was felt correct after years by some super natural thing.

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Thought insertion is when you get thoughts that are not your own. I have this very often


Me too. Alien loves to put his thoughts in my head but fortunately lately he’s been dormant

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Can u block them? I cant block mine

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Inserted thoughts are the only thoughts I have.

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@Jesse25, I had success distracting myself from both thought broadcasting and thought insertion just the day before yesterday by getting on my smartphone and talking to people on this site while it was happening. My social worker told me that a lot of sz/sza’s do that and are successful with it.

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