What do intrusive thoughts feel like

I’'m unsure If I’m having them?

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For me, they are thoughts that make me feel like I have to do something or say something particular, or that tell me I have desires or urges contradicting what I know about myself.
It’s like a thought that doesn’t go away.

Like when some people have OCD and they have a thought telling them everything needs to be parallel or they need to wash their hands 13 times, and the thought doesn’t go away until they perform those actions.


I don’t know if this is obsessive thoughts or intrusive thoughts but I obsess about my pdoc out to get me.I just can’t stop thinking about it. More so when I drink alcohol (which I know I shouldn’t) It totally consumes me.

This kind of thoughts make me feel so bad, sad and scared. And the worst thing is that I can’t control them.


Can intrusive thoughts become obsessive?

Of course. Thats OCD

I think I have OCD.

my intrusive thoughts are like what Nova said…thoughts that humiliate me personally…I get violent thoughts like " wow I could take that knife and stab my dogs"…I used to feel really bad when I got thoughts like that but I learned to just skip over the bad thought and keep going…takes practice.


Probably. There are meds for ocd. The antidepressant i take for negative symptoms has an effect on ocd too.

Unproductive thoughts mostly. Thoughts that I cannot control. I get a lot of philosophical thoughts and memories and images of living in a matrix. It keeps me in my head. My thoughts are more important than the outside world. It keeps me from living life. I have a huge imagination or fantasy world going on: aliens, time travel, end of times, grandiosity, and more. I guess I feel discomfort. A sense of fear.

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I’ve always wondered if my obsessive thoughts were considered intrusive thoughts. They’re not embarrassing or violent, but I can’t stop thinking them even though I want to. It’s really hard to control, but risperidone helps.

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for me it’s memories from my psychosis, they torture me, I guess it will pass in few years

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For me it’s unpleasant, violent and sexual images in my mind.

Hey @bobbilly I think I have obsessive intrusive paranoid thoughts. I have heard rates of obsessional type things are higher in psychotic populations.

You accidentally have a rude thought
(brain clutter - we all get this and the garbage thought has
nothing to do with our true feelings it is just the brain ‘flushing it’s toilet’ so to speak)
but you’re aware enough to notice the brain process and then worry about where it has come from.
You also worry that others, in public, can hear what you’re thinking so you start trying very hard
not to have any volatile thoughts at all.
This suppression causes your mind to force out volatile thoughts to relive the stress you’re putting on it
you mistake that natural defence as someone or something forcing these thoughts on you harder so you become more stressed
and make more effort to restrain thoughts…

…it’s an endless cycle

Sometimes we just have to let an ugly passing thought be an ugly passing thought and consider it a brain fart and not worry about it.


they are just unwanted (usually negative thoughts) could be images or it could be words, whatever it is it is unwanted and therefore intrusive :frowning:

For me it is any abnormal urge not caused by a voice telling me to do it.

Best example is when I was on a med that cleared up voices but caused intrusive thoughts. Until that experience, I didn’t know intrusive thought could exist without assistance from auditory hallucinations, but apparently they can.

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It is just a problem with our filter, when i was studying i heard about the Gatekeeper which is the part of the brain which filters all the rubbish and should be preventing negative thoughts from surfacing but apparently we have a problem with this part of the psyche and its not doing a good job at regulating it and thats how intrusive thoughts breakthrough and surface :frowning:

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When a thought crosses your mind that is alien to your natural self, or how you imagine yourself to be. The mere suggestion of this thought diisturbs you because it is so in contrast to how 'you" actually are or think normally.

The thought exists simply as a possibility, but should not accepted by the self, but as the thought exists in your mind then the notion is that the “I” thinks it must be my thought and then the intrusive nature of this thought becomes a thing. Something that the “I” thinks is part of me making one think that they are a bad person if the thought is negative. It is an intrusive remark, often extreme in nature that the mind comments.

SZ interfers with the mind fillter and where a normal person would forget and dismiss it, a sz clings to it, what with the feature of thought broadcasting being common they often think they have said it out aloud and feel the judgement of society from an intrusive thought, when in reality it is just the opposite of what you are but the mind allows you conceive of the opposite. A brief notion, the opposite of what you are!

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i thought you guy would be interested to read some of this article (or all of it if you can do that) it is about the unconscious, subconscious and conscious parts of our mind (the sub is what i referred to earlier as the gate keeper)
not trying to be smart, i’m just trying to remember from what i was taught at college, this article simplifies the way our brains filter information…

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