Thinking thoughts you don't mean

Would you say that having thoughts that you know you don’t mean counts as intrusive thoughts, disorganized thinking, or thought insertion (even if you don’t really believe someone’s putting them in your head)?

It’s kind of ridiculous in my case. For example, even though I live independently in a bachelor apartment, sometimes my mind will still go “you live with your parents”. I obviously know I don’t mean that when it’s in my head. It’s frustrating, it makes my rest time less beneficial, I think. But at least it tends to only happen when I’m not focused on anything, and I can function in spite of it.

Anyway, what do you think?

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Yes it still happens on meds but much less intense.
I get thoughts of insulting my parents for no reason or bad sexual thoughts etc I learned to ignore them and distract myself. They’re caused by inappropriate emotions probably caused by dopamine imbalance.

It could be OCD? you could look up pure obsessional OCD

might be what you have, this happens to me, not sure if it’s exactly what you’re experiencing. but also could be triggering so read with a grain of salt

I get this quite a lot

Could be seen as intrusive thoughts I guess

sounds like intrusive thought. i get intrusive thoughts pretty badly in the sense thoughts will come throughout the day about something or someone i don’t want to think about

I think intrusive thoughts

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I get them. It’s like being possessed by a personality you don’t know how to deal with.

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