Do you have Intrusive thoughts?

I’m beginning to think the voice I’m hearing is just constant intrusive thoughts. The voices of others have been wiped out by a med. I’ll have to talk to my pdoc about this on Tuesday.

Do you have intrusive thoughts? What are they like for you?


Intrusive thoughts for me are just sudden thoughts, in my head that I dont want. Like I could be driving down the road and I might start thinking about what it would be like to plow into the next big tree that I see.
My voices were always clearly outside my head like two people were standing behind me or around a corner, just talking.


I don’t have them as much anymore because I immediately divert my attention away from them…but it still happens once in a while…sorry you have that.

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Yes, they are always negative, mocking me. Trying to get me to slip up. When I have had bouts of doing well for a long time they seem to quiet down and be less since there is nothing negative they can feed on.

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Mine are little a twitter storm seeking to participant within a converted hate crime.
I guess it’s like this for most of us.

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Thanks for getting back to me @BigBlue @stringdragon
@jukebox @Mr_Hope.


When unwell mine are intrusive and obsessive thoughts about people being out to the me.

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Thanks for sharing @bobbilly.

Ever heard or become aware of revenge via a proxy.

I finally really listened to my voice. It talks in the first person. Like it’s me talking to me. So, it turns out it’s a voice and not an intrusive thought.

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I have intrusive thoughts. They usually revolve around self-criticism.

My therapist and I talked about types of self defeating thinking and how to address them. It’s been helpful. If anyone struggles with that stuff I recommend googling “types of self defeating thinking”.

I think voices are intrusive too. Maybe not technically thoughts, tho.

I hope the voices calm down for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @makebelieve.

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