What are healthy ways to express repressed rage and cleanse it from yourself

What are healthy ways to express repressed rage and cleanse it from yourself?

the gym. treadmill works well for me. maybe take up sparring/ boxing?
or somewhere where you can scream and yell without causing a great disturbance. I do it in my car sometimes


I scream into my pillow but it doesn’t feel very “cleansing” per se.

when i workout i go really hard when frustrating thoughts come to my mind. but again, doesn’t really feel like it did anything.


I was reading Evolution’s End by Joseph C. Pearce and he stated that there is research that shows kids that have more active imaginations are much less prone to violent behavior or thoughts.

When I was younger that is what I would do when I was alone is pretend that the anger was something outside of me and would “attack it”. With imagination how you do that is all up to you.

i don’t like tea :confused: but a bath sounds nice

I know you play hoops, perhaps getting back out on the court. When I am balling, I tend to forget everything except getting the ball into the hoop and helping the team win. it’s a distraction, not a recovery method… best to talk through with a therapist.

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Bluey!!! Take a hot bath then and calm your rage down.

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yeah i played yesterday, im gonna start going to pickup games pretty soon although i get shy about playing with new people. im knowledgable about the nba so that helps.

Everyone … I heard someone say that if you don’t transform your pain you’ll transmit it… i don’t wanna pass it onto my kids. anger runs all the way down my family from as far back as i know. i wanna discontinue the tradition

thats interesting, i imagine thats a good way to reprocess memories. :grinning:

Wow that’s a noble thought!

Lol from a not so noble MI person (me). But yeah I’m tired of the blame game, i realize half of what’s happened is my own ■■■■

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I run and exercise alot


Extreme sports. Or heavy weights or boxing bag

Or just go somewhere and yell as loud as you can

I don’t have the money for fencing classes but I like to pretend that I know how. And when you play by yourself you can’t lose either.

Art, exercise, martial arts, music, sex.


I had to learn to stop and question my anger. What am I angry about? Why am I so angry? I thought a lot about the thought that anger is an unwillingness to accept that the world is different from what I want it to be. So, further: what’s the difference? Am I right or reasonable to want that? Are there things I can do to make that change? Do I really even need that change to happen?

I also spent time thinking about how I felt when I was the target of someone else’s rage. Was it fair? Was it frightening? Did I deserve it? Did it solve anything? How did I feel about the person who made me their target? Did I want to be seen that way? Could I stand the idea that I made someone else feel that way?

I thought about times I had been cruel to others because of my anger. How did I feel, looking back on that? What did I accomplish with my anger? What could I have done instead?

I spent a lot of time on these things. I thought about them when I was angry, I thought about them when I was not. I practiced breaking down my anger when I wasn’t angry, when I was a little annoyed, when I was very angry.

Honestly, it got to be pretty boring. Just starting up the Anger Questioner in my head had the effect of calming me down. It made my anger into a curious thing rather than an all consuming emotion.

When I could feel that I was so angry that I couldn’t derail it, I would remove myself if at all possible from the situation. Go on a walk. Go home. Listen to music. Go for a drive. Come back when I’m ready to be reasonable.

Abusive anger was learned behavior in my case, learned from one person. So I unlearned it.


I don’t have a boxing bag but I hit the ground a couple of times when I was mad. The first time it was soft and the second time it was hard. I think having something to punch that doesn’t mess up my hand and wrist would be an improvement and a boxing bag sounds good to me. However since I’ve been taking trileptal it’s been a while since I’ve hit the ground.

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I tear stuff up into very tiny pieces, or break/smash glass into tiny bits, and follow up with cleaning it up.

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Meditation works well for me. & Listening to my fav music

Maybe buy a punching bag & some gloves!

Sometimes its good just to grab a pillow & scream it out

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i do a lot of weight lifting and that helps. what helps me most is punching things, there are a lot of holes in my wall. and i recommend a punching bag, i recently got one and it helps a lot. havent punched holes in my wall for awhile since lifting and hitting the bag