Hows Your Family thread :)

my cpn said to me once that i idolize my dad and that was true and i still do, i actually idolize him even more now that he is dead, he was amazing and really helped massively in my recovery i ■■■■ you not, just everything he said and the fact that nothing phased him, he said what was on his mind but it always came out as a joke like nothing was serious with him and that is a good thing,

i think when i acquired sz i got really serious about things bc that is the nature of the disease and my dad had instilled into me that gene where i didnt want to be serious all the time and to speak my mind but obviously my medication was very important as well, i hate to think how bad things would be right now if i was still taking my last medication :frowning: and they also wanted to give me clozapine at my last hospitalisation 5 yrs ago.
its crazy really.

but yeah i just wanted to talk about the importance of family when dealing with sz, i always hear horror stories but the fact was, with me, i was lucky, maybe if i was staying with them all the time i would have got even worse but luckily i met my friend sweep and i stayed over at her place half the week and that really took a lot of stress off of me, we all need to get away somewhere, if i was with my parents all day i’d have been really sick, except my dad but he could be a handful sometimes as well,


Family is fine, extended family (in laws) are difficult to get to know.

my family is doing terribly. It’s just one problem after another, and we’re all suffering. The only one that seems to have a life, friends and a job, is my sister, but then she’s worried about the rest of the family, and kind of lonely, even though I try to talk to her whenever she’s not at work.

They are doing terribly, sucks.
My family is full of fakes, liars, and all around terrible people, who pose as innocent humans.
Oh well, can’t choose them, but I sure can run.

Knowing them, they will wish I fail at doing that too.

my father… is a paedophile
my mother…a sociopath/psychopath
my brother…a rich whinging idiot
my sister…an angry selfish anorexic

otherwise things are great !?! :smiley:
take care :alien:

Hey,awesome,my family is doing good…no one is illed

my father iz szaff.but never confessed as he was married with there children.
retained his job…even my mom does’t know he has’t sz because of ignorant…
now i have sz …totally hopeless…

Struggling to survive the day to day existence, but as always, we survive because we want to be a pain in the butt to those we don’t like.
…and we’re very stubborn.

Father: Decided to stay in the States 30 years ago. See him once a year or so. Can’t talk to him about serious issues ie how I am.

Brother: Used to see him semi regularly but since beginning of last year only seen him once(when my dad visited). He has not rung or answered my calls since January of last year.

Sister: We don’t phone each other. See each other about once a year.

Youngest step daughter: Occasional phone calls. See each other 1-2 a year.

Oldest step daughter: Been years since I have seen her.

In contact with all but my brother via Facebook.

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I lucked out with my family… mostly
Large family… I’m the oldest of 5.

When I was at my worst… It was my parents… my kid sis and one of my cousins who really pulled me through. My kid sis saved my life…

As things have gotten better… two of my brothers and I have been repairing the friendship. (one brother… not so much)

It’s also a bit different… it is a very large family… (My Mom and Dad came from large families) most of the Aunts… Uncles and cousins all live still live in the same city.

So everyone is not that far away from each other… both parents still alive and together… so it’s easy to keep in touch.

Learned about my ancestors. Big thing for me


My father is a selfish prick and a drunk. My mother is a drama queen. My brother is a bossy jerk.

My partner is the love of my life. Her parents overcharge rent but other than that all is good,