Genetics family

Hello do your parents or family members above or below you suffer from MI.

If it’s too personal don’t feel the need to answer.

Just a question I want to see. My father suffers and left me when i was 6.

Hope you having a better Sunday

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My dad has chronic anxiety. My mom and sister don’t. But the rest of my family non immediate. There’s bipolar, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, OCD, autism…I guess it was appropriate for me to add the final piece…schizoaffective disorder !!!


My mother has schizophrenia, my aunt had a bipolar episode, another aunt is married but she is weird and very superstitious, my sister has panic attacks, is hypochondriac but she acts like a sociopath.


Hmmm. My grandfather who died in 1962 a year after I was born was a tough old coot and lived a violent life. He was never a criminal but he just had a violent temper and didn’t tolerate much bull*it. His job was working in a prison for about 15 years. I guess prisons have changed but his job was a a machinist and he worked among the prisoners roaming around without much protection.

My dad told me my grandfather worked there for 15 year and got in 15 fights. One fight someone came up from behind him once and tried to brain him from behind with a monkey wrench. My grandfather saw it just in time and he picked up some broken glass and shoved it inside the guys stomach they had to take the prisoner to the infirmary. Anyway, he was married 5 times which was unusual for that era but my dads real mom died when he was five years old.

When my dad’s real mom got seriously ill my granddad was at the hospital. The doctor came in and had to tell him his wife had died. He was so distraught and angry that he tried to throw the doctor out a three story building window. But anyways, her death devastated him and he paced through the whole house like he was psychotic talking to himself and cursing and almost out of his mind with grief and scaring anyone who came to his house. The relatives had to take my dad to live with them for awhile because my grandfather was so crazy. Eventually, he came to his senses and things went back to normal.


We have quite the extensive nut tree spanning decades. My great grandmother was hospitalized for “melancholy,” quite a few aunts and uncles on both sides of the family were locked up in hospitals, a few died in them…they were paranoid, thought people were following them, carried shotguns in their trucks, heard voices, saw things, believed things…sounds pretty “normal” to me.
No one was “abusive” nor violent to anyone per se, just couldn’t deal with the life they had.
A couple of brothers Dx’d, my nephew committed suicide last year at age 25…I miss him very much.