Were you afraid of others?

i went deep down in the abyss… now i see crazy people on tv and outside and they re often victims of the others… my mom yeills at me also, at the time i didnt listen to anybody. but the result is that i am afraid. it s hard to be normal for me. i remain paranoid…
for how much time you regain selfesteam and esteam of others? is there a real recovery out there? i think it will take time for me but if ill be persona non grata for eternity? wow…

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My self esteem is at an all time high. I remember four years ago seeing someone from high school and being scared of them or something for fear of being judged now today if I saw them I’d not give a ■■■■ about them cuz I’ve been through so much it’s helped build thicker skin. I used to be so paranoid the meds have healed my whole life now I’m more normal


It’s possible to regain self esteem and esteem for others, but it’s a work in progress, you can’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re a different species, I know it’s hard and sometimes we need to remind ourselves constantly that we belong with the rest of the population, even with our illnesses. But it’s possible, I’m better at it now.


I think that you are not persona non grata at all, you just have this illness, I am also often paranoid, often these paranoid episode are just a product of my mind, I would say all of these are just imaginations, thinking how something bad can happen by thinking uselessly all kinds of possibilities , I know this can be stressful and time consuming, I think it is the key to learn how to counter these paranoid episodes.

yeah, i am just watching Vip brother here(tv reality) and there is one crazy woman,they say shes crazy and i think she is,… its discouraging to see crazy people still.
otherwise,i dip now per moments, its like i am going to fall asleep, its the med :confused:

maybe tell your doc about that @Anna1 paranoia is a terrible thing for us to handle, i am free of it for now thank god, its amazing what medication can do these days. take care.

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Im pretty scared of people honestly. Maybe its because Im still “young” idk. I hope gets better.

she knows i think daydreamer… she knows that i live isolated since 13 years… its just a week on zyprexa, i should wait also and struggling…

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hope it works out for you love, really do x

yeah,thanks :slight_smile: i am still envy of positives symptoms of the others… not that i dont have them,i have delusions i think… and so probably i feel shame also,not only paranoia,dont know anymore :confused:

I’m not afraid of others, just apathetic. I really don’t care much about what other people are doing these days. I live as reclusive as possible and that’s probably how it’s going to stay until the day I die.

I don’t remember being afraid… but I used to be really cold and un-caring about others.

I didn’t really register other people… half the time I didn’t think of them as even being there. It was the beginning of the negative symptoms I think…

Flat … disconnected… in my own head.

Self esteem does come back… so does self confidence. I have to work to keep it… but little by little… it does come back.

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Hey man I aint afraid of NOBODY im just AWARE …awareness goes a long way…if I posted in the wrong thread I apologize.

in fact my ex pdoc told me at the end that this fear is not really a paranoia… i dont know what it is then… maybe its shame, guilty or something like this… cause like surprisedJ i didnt care about anybody at a time… the bad in life makes you feel bad also wow :/…
otherwise, i have one sz friend who works like translator and she told me that her meds started working on the second day of them, wow… she probably didnt had my 6 years of weed and isolation in france where i ve been studying… i am deep down in the abyss still…
thank you for your replies, i feel less alone