I find it hard to recover on the paranoia


So maybe I have it more than I realized it till now… One doc even told me, that he thinks, that I am paranoid sz without even negatives. That I am inactive more because of the paranoia… lol, its hard :confused:
From the sounds, in which I see deep ‘‘dark’’ messages, to all the other things of which I think… Plus the fact, that in the paranoia, theres always some small pieces of the truth, its hard… I don’t switch meds anymore, which is better for me. But I am still here in the evenings, in front of my tv, just wondering how I am gonna to socialize, without freaking myself or the others… But I am a bit better in the day :slight_smile: . I need really more in order to feel healthier mentally, but I wonder about this fragility till life because of the paranoia… How was it for you? Did you recover on the paranoid things? Is it still bothering you?
take care all, kisses.


i dont get paranoid much anymore, i use to be very paranoid.


Cool. I also believe, that once I get over this, it’ll be more stable. But it wont be soon. I progress so few, that its scary. My behavior became avoidant years ago. For example, I turn with my back to the others when I talk… I turn my eyes etc etc. My motricity is bad too because of all this. I hide in my room sometimes, if you see :frowning: .


Im completely paranoid all the time.


Have you been feeling any better lately? Last time I talked to you, you seemed pretty upset.


I am sorry, pianogal… Yeap, its hard to recover on this, cause theres always some truth in the paranoia. Me, I even didn’t realize that I am quite paranoid. This impression of not thinking is because of it too. My mind is not calm at all and the worse is, that I feel it in my brain… Too much rumination with those paranoid thoughts…


Do you do CBT Anna?


Well, I fight, but my mind is a mess still admiral. I feel better for one minute in the day, but this is few.


Nope. my mom was my therapist for years in fact. she gives me keys to more activity. But even a therapist couldn’t help me more, its a lonely journey in a way.


i’m sure you are trying your best, its all we can do :slight_smile:


Yea i feel for ya :slight_smile:

Once you can “snap” through that will thats tells us its so easy to just “give up” it becomes alot easier.

You just need to find what it is that helps you do it, its a long process!

Good luck


Yes I’m the same, life would be so much easier without it.


I’m paranoid of people who are employees of government other than my pdoc. I’m also terrified of strangers who come to my door. I can’t go shopping alone because of my paranoia.


Is it alarming, that I feel fine only for some 5 minutes in the day? Before, I even hadn’t this. But 5 minutes in the day its few, idk… I also have paranoia based on my complexes tbh lol… Too ugly or too that or too inferior to others etc etc. I wonder if meds can pull me out of this state. I just ruminate here with the feeling, that my head is under too big pressure. I don’t feel oxygen in my head, I don’t feel my spirit if I can say it so :confused: . should I remain patient?


My paranoia revolves around the afterlife and fear of going to hell when I die. It comes in waves and cycles and I can’t really get over it because I’m not God so I can’t know what God really thinks. I’ve read the Bible but it doesn’t specifically say sea will go to heaven so I feel lost and scared often


Is it strange, that my paranoia doesn’t get relieved a lot? Don’t tell me, that I don’t have the right meds… I tried all the possible aps, plus the ads make my fears worse. For my mom its not strange. she says only 30 % of the people are relieved by the meds…Also - do we pace because of the paranoia? I didn’t sleep this night, so my paranoia is worse now. I am just tired of this illness. Plus even if I recover mentally, I am a mess in my body… Idk, maybe I should remain patient still, isn’t it? :confused: …who else is alone with his symptoms?


I am ■■■■■■■ depressed now tbh. I am alone in this battle…if I die, even my mom wont suffer much, she had her suffering with me already… Really, is it a joke to suffer like this since kid? I am very tired, people… I hate my 4 walls!!!


Do you think an AD will help you?


Nope… They increase my paranoia in fact. and my psychosomatic symptoms related to my fears… It could have helped, if I wasn’t so paranoid…


Am I right to consider now, that I just suffer from ‘‘bad’’ emotions? And am I wrong to want to fight this just by my will? well, I burn now with anger, irritability, envy, nothing nice. But it comes from a deep pain and my isolation which lasted 20 years…