Thinking about starting Wellbutrin again for being lazy? Does anyone take it with antipsychotics and still not hear voices. I am scared if I take it, the voices will come back and not shut up.

Hi, that’s what I was thinking right now, about Wellbutrin. I wouldn’t suggest you to take it, as it probably will get your voices back, like it has done to my symptoms in the past! But you could try another antidepressant, escitalopram oxalate, or if you are not in the US, you could try Amisulpride as an antipsychotic! I 'm going to discuss about it with my doctor! I have the same problem, I want to work and I can’t because I 'm depressed and therefore lazy!!

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I want to try Wellbutrin as well for the extreme lack of motivation. I’m currently on Lexapro for depression & it doesn’t work that well for motivation in my experience. :confused: but I know that Wellbutrin does work to elevate dopamine so there is a risk of psychosis. ugh. :sweat: my Pdoc won’t take me off the Lexapro either. he wants to see how I do on the Trilafon for psychosis for longer & see if that helps with the motivation & focusing issues.

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Can I ask something to anyone who knows? Because I am very desparate right now, I want to find a job and I can’t because of the illness! Perhaps if we took Wellbutrin and increased the dose of the antipsychotic could this be so that we could be able to work without our psychosis made worse?

redrose: It’s playing with fire.

The anti-Ps clamp down on Da flow, but very crudely. The anti-Ds “push” Da flow, but in a very roundabout fashion, and… very crudely. When combined, the ratio of sfx to intended effects is increased in most pts.

Lexapro escitalopram is a second-generation SSRI that does a relatively nice job of elevating mood without (compared to most other SSRIs) breaking too much china elsewhere in the shop.

Wellbutrin buproprion is a way old-fashioned anti-D that’s used mostly for getting a mood elevation quick and (decidedly) dirty. The hip prescriber (almost always a psychopharmacologist, not an ER doc or a GP) uses Wellbutrin only when he or she has to, and usually not for long nowadays.

The hip prescriber / hip patient team also works their way through a long list of anti-Ps to see which one gets the best job done on the sz symptoms without undue malaise induction. It takes time, but the patient patient very often comes out in astonishingly good shape. (I have seen quite a few who don’t seem to have sz at all.)

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I miss being hyper but that’s when the voices and crazy head stuff starts…

I’ve been on Wellbutrin for years and years, along with the anti-psychotics Geodon and Seroquel. I didn’t hallucinate all that much before I took any med’s, so I didn’t need to worry about being psychotic when I took Wellbutrin. I never really noticed I was taking the stuff until I ran out one day. I really missed it then. Wellbutrin never motivated me to overcome my lack of motivation, but it might for others. I don’t know. I read somewhere that Wellbutrin works by taking dopamine out of one center in the brain and putting it in another.

Well have to bump this thread…
Really, from the time I started will wellbutrin I got tinnitus, sometime in both ears, and it is sooo annoying! Now, I have it all time, day-night, doesn’t stop. I feel like trapped inside a church bell. O.o
I wonder if that’s related with wellbutrin?

I don’t know about the tinnitus.

When I took Wellbutrin, I had extremely distressing delusions (revelations at the time) and lost impulse control, a brief psychotic episode that ended within 72 hours of stopping the medication. If that wouldn’t have happened, I understand why some people like it. I was pretty cheerful and relatively energetic until disaster.

Silly girl :smiley: sorry you have the issues.

I think Wellbutrin makes me agitated, but I’m motivated by it. It does make me easily annoyed.

I’m one of the lucky ones who Bupropion doesn’t make psychotic, there was not even a little bit of an increase in psychosis. I take a very precise dose of risperidone solution, I can feel a difference of 0,03 mg the next day. I’ve been on Wellbutrin(Elontril here) for 3 and a half years now. Before that I was on Escitalopram and it sucked badly, I was on it for 9 months, it took me 3 years of being off it to have no sexual dysfunction anymore. If Bupropion made me psychotic or if it didn’t work I’d probably be either dead or in a very bad place mentally, my motivation was just terrible before it, I had a hard time taking a shower once a week. Tinnitus is the only side-effect I have, have had it the entire 3,5 years I’ve been on it with no change in severity. I only notice it at night, before falling asleep, or if something reminds me of the fact that I have it. I take 150 mg XL, if I’d take a higher dose the tinnitus would be much more severe, I know this because I took double the dose once by accident. People should definitely be careful when being put on it, maybe even hospitalized just in case, I took the risk and it payed off but there have been many threads here about it and usually people don’t seem to be so lucky.

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Wellbutrin raises Dopamine levels, I dont know how beneficial this would be for those suffering from Schizophrenia.

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On Friday I asked my pdoc to double my dose of Wellbutrin. After reading about others’ experience with it I am kind of nervous about it. I hope it works out okay.

I’m on week 2 of 300mg of Wellbutrin, up from 150mg. I’ve had more energy and been more active, still depressed though. I know that I probably won’t see the full effects for about 3-4 weeks, but this is promising. After a few pretty good days, yesterday was back to laying on the couch all day, crying. So my depression hasn’t lifted.


I still cant figure out if wellbutrin causes ringing in the ears, this high-pitching sound… I read that some tricyclic antidepressants can cause tinnitus…
…as for treating the depression, I think its the best among antidepressants( from my wide experience anyways).

I’ve taken Wellbutrin 75mg. 3 times a day for years without any problems. It keeps me interested.

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Everyone be very careful with any SSRI meds. :eyeglasses:

Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor means the brain cell will connect with the Serotonin but not LET the brain naturally re-uptake the Serotonin back into the brain the way it’s supposed to. It’s asking the brain cell to do more than nature intended, so it will compromise the cells. After a long time, more SSRI is often needed because of the number of compromised cells that can’t do the job.

KEY: SSRI’s can be effective, but it’s IMPORTANT to never go off an SSRI suddenly or decrease by a large amount. Going off an SSRI can leave you worse than before. :frowning: Dr. supervision and GRADUAL reduction is really important!

Check out this page http://bipolarhealthgroup.com/depression-relief/ – some interesting articles about laughing gas, and link to videos about nutrition for the brain by Dr. John Gray. :sunny:

Maybe that is why some people, including me, felt like ad’s like Zoloft “lose” their initial effect or stop working?


I’ve heard that Wellbutrin takes dopamine from one area of the brain and puts it in another. I don’t think it is an ssri.


Yeah it works differently than SSRI’s - its also less likely to send someone with bipolar into Mania.

My brother takes Wellbutrin, he has Unipolar depression, he loves the stuff - good luck with the increase @crimby.