Wellbutrin Causes Symptoms of Psychosis?

Hey everyone,

I am a 24 year old schizophrenic currently on 300mg of Seroquel and 100mg instant release Wellbutrin. I was on 300mg of Wellbutrin for a short while, but my doctor tapered me down to 100mg due to increased psychosis. Has anyone else been on this medication and experienced this?

My doctor wants to keep me on the Wellbutrin to see how I handle this dose. However, I still feel unstable and it’s too low of a dose to help with my depression.

So my second question is, what sort of anti-depressant has worked well with your symptoms of schizophrenia and played well with your other meds?

Thanks for reading everyone

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Well I know how they work, and antidepressants are basically the opposite of antipsychotics. Generally speaking, a hefty dose of an antipsychotic will counteract the psychosis crap that antidepressants cause. 300mg seroquel is not a high dose at all.

My son was on Wellbutrin at one time along with 15 mg Zyprexa and he said the Wellbutrin made his depression worse. We eventually took him off of it. He then added on a low dose of Abilify, 5 mg to begin with (he is now on 10 mg) and he says this better helps his depression.

Wellbutrin raises Dopamine which is a bad thing for SZ - which triggers psychosis

I take 300 mg timed release of Welbutrin. Yes, My psychosis is a little worse,but Welbutrin has been a miracle for me. I was so depressed it was too much to even keep breathing…for well over 20 years I struggled with wanting to die…Now I no longer feel that urge to end my life.A little psychosis is a small price to pay.

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My pdoc suggested I try Wellbutrin, I said no because it’s very activating but it is usually bipolar friendly

Thank you everyone for your replies,

I ended up going to the ER for help. They set me up with an urgant appointment with my family doctor that’s three hours from now. I also am now on a waiting list to see the highest rated psychiatrist in the province.

Locamotion, I am glad that Wellbutrin is working for you. It really does do a good job as an anti-depressant (and helps decrease smoking if one is a smoker like me).

Since it does make me paranoid (and I don’t even notice myself when I start thinking and behaving strangely), I am going to request a different anti-depressant and maybe discuss an increase in my antipsychotic to combat the extra psychosis caused by anti-depressants.

For others who read this, if depression is persistant, consider that while Wellbutrin may put you in my situation, it is really effective at treating depression for many people. I guess it comes down to the right combination for you.

Feeling manic today, but hoping that adjustments in meds today will help.


I’ve had it for a year. 150mg. It made my blood pressure very high. I had to stop taking it. I switched from Remeron to Voxra/Wellbutrin and started losing weight I had put on while on Remeron. I hade signs of psychosis too.

I now have Fluoxetine 20 mg. It has helped me to beat depression.

Oh forgot. I had Flupentixol as antipsychotic when I had Wellbutrin.
I now have Seroquel and Abilify.

It works differently from a person to another, in my case it caused me suicidal thoughts and some denationalization but as we see it can be a miracle for others so you should see how it works for you.

Wellbutrin made me hallucinate. Antidepressants can cause serotonin syndrome, which is when you get sick from the pill and hallucinate. They all can technically do that.

Remeron, based on research I’ve done, seems safer than most antidepressants. It also antagonizes different receptors and is an ht1a receptor agonist and impacts the k opioid receptor. I’ve also heard that luvox is used for psychotic depression but I have no experience with it. Well, no experience with either one, really.

As for me: cymbalta, lithium, trazadone, wellbutrin, and effexor all made me hallucinate.

Hi ruanbe,

Serotonin syndrome is a serious condition caused by too much serotonin too fast. It is usually safe to use SSRIs as prescribed by doctors, who will usually start with lower doses and slowly move it up to a therapeutic dose. Have you tried an anti-psychotic as part of your treatment?

Clozapine, but I have psychotic depression and anxious breakdowns.

Why would he put you on Seroquel and Wellbutrin (which is used for ADD) when he could try Abilify which is like two in one but for schizophrenia. Doctors prescribe wellbutrin in place of adderall sometimes

I know eh? This was some time ago when I was really having a hard time balancing the treatments for positive and negative symptoms. Abilify was something that I tried before that time and it wasn’t the one for me; though it definitely helps many people out who have schizophrenia. Right now I’m on 700 mg of Seroquel in total, 1.5 mg Clonazepam, 20 mg of Prozac and 18 mg of extended release methylphenidate (Concerta). It seems strange since Adderall XR was what caused my first episode, but all sorts of combinations were tried and now this one seems to work the best. Wellbutrin is used for illnesses like depression, ADD and for negative symptoms in other disorders, as well as a quitting smoking aid. I’m in the process of changing from a BSc in physics to one in psychology, and the neuroscience is quite complicated (far more than I knew at the time of this post at the top), so I can see, as far as an undergraduate can, why he prescribed these things.the way he did. What still bothers me is how he tends to keep pushing on with certain meds even if the initial reaction was not a sign -at all- that time and increases would make things better.

Pardon my venting; it was a hard time. lol. As for the complexity of the brain, methylphenidate in combination with my other meds now seems to keep me mostly productive and stable than the relatively lower dopamine agonist, Wellbutrin. Go figure. Cheers!

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