Bupropion Wellbutrin

Have you tried this and does it help???

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I’ve been on it for quite some time now. I didn’t think it was doing anything, but when I got off it I felt badly depressed. I’m still taking it today, and I don’t anticipate getting off it.

I take it. I thought this was a medication that you can notice a difference in immediately.

I 've taken it. It’s not recommended not to say forbidden for people with sz. It acts with/on dopamine, I don’t exactly know, which is a neurotransmitter that has to do with sz. As an anti-depressive though it’s very good, but not for us.

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I do, i do!!ooh… Finally in the crew :blush:

its good â– â– â– â– .works for me

I tried it for a few weeks and it did absolutely nothing, apparently it’s uselessness is well know in the medical community and doctors are reticent about perscribing it.

@seriouslydisturbed Doctors won’t prescribe it if you have sz. At least that’s what my doctor said, because wellbutrin works on DA receptors, the same receptors antipsychotics block. It’s contradictory, which sucks because I need something to make me feel good…

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I take it and I’m sz. It has really helped me with motivation and depression, even though I take the lowest dose of XL which is 150 mg. The doctor warned me that it could make sz symptoms worse but it didn’t for me, not even a tiny bit. I think it’s making my skin age though. I have some wrinkles under my eyes that are hard to see when not up close, I’m 24. I think it’s because it dries the skin, it hasn’t gotten worse since I’ve been moisturizing. Also I have tinnitus from it, I’ve gotten so used to it that I hardly notice it. I can’t imagine my life without it anymore, I was so unmotivated that I had to live with my parents, couldn’t work and couldn’t do even the basic things.

I took it and it made me psychotic.

I understand that you can’t live without them now. I 've been on anti-depressants and really felt good and ready to face life, but they all worsened my psychosis. This one though is thought to be the “worst” one in this case. Glad it didn’t affect you in that case, but for me, I will just have to accept having negative symptoms for long. About the wrinkles though, I think they are “expression” wrinkles. I don’t think they are aging ones. I know people under 30 who have this kind of wrinkles I refer and they don’t take any medicine.

I have a tinnitus too.you think its from wellbutrin?

Could easily be. I’ve read it’s quite common with it.

I got very high blood pressure from it. Had it for a year. Did not know it could cause psychosis. It was activating me. I lost 10 kg when I had it. I got the energy to go for walks.

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i deleted my post by accident…but my first bout with psychosis was with wellbutrin. i believe it brought out the SZ in me…along with other drugs…but I blame it for putting me in the mental hospital the first time.

Do not take this Alone if you are SZ. If you take an anti-P along with it, it could balance it out, but if you take it alone it could cause psychosis. As it did for me.

I felt really happy on it, but I got delusional after a long time of not being delusional if I remember well. I know about loss of weight, this one and Prozac are appropriate for people who want to loose weight on meds or at least not gain any more.

@redrose I have Schizophrenia and I take WellbutrinSr100mg and I haven’t had any side effects or problems and I have been on it two weeks so far and counting and will continue to take it unless it stops working.

It makes perfect sense that it made you delusional as it is a dopamine agonist. I met with a doctor and he let me in on a little secret about Wellbutrin-- it doesn’t work! Apparently it is infamous in the medical community for this. I tried it for a month or so and it didn’t do anything for me.

Nope. For me, I’m still depressed.

Are this things changed for you after wellbutrin and does that mean that wellbutrin work for your negative symptoms if you have?

A friend of mine took WELLBRUTIN and it helped him as well as aided him in quitting smoking cigarettes. This med is known for helping cigarette smokers to quit.