Well I guess iam iam going to hell

The voices wont shut up about me going to hell so I guess that’s that. Who’s with me?

They used to say that to me years ago, it’s a stressful hallucination. I don’t know why they stopped saying demonic stuff they just did, and haven’t said stuff like that for a very long time. Maybe the medicine is helping.

i dont need to worry about that anymore, i did question it at one point but now i know its ok

Hell is a state of mind, not a place and your voices already put you there. So tell them to shut up because they already won the battle.


Like @chordy said, hell is a state of mind. Your mentality makes a heaven or a hell of any situation. It’s hard as nails to turn schizophrenia into something positive though. Best I can suggest is good meds.


I’ll keep you company, no worries. I’m also really good at cooking over an open flame so it’ll be a, er, hell of a feast. Werd.



Cool man that sounds cool

Hey man, I don’t know if this helps, but I’ve had SZ for a quarter century. The two words I regularly use to describe the early years are UNRELENTING TERROR. In my case it was all aliens all the time. I was convinced they were going to vivisect me alive at some point (after the mental nanobot torture, naturally). Everyone was spying on me and listening in on me because I knew what was going on.

After medication and therapy I developed insight, I got healthier, I became more like my old self. and I got a life back (careers, wife, kid, home, etc.). As grim as things are for you now, there’s still a fantastic potential future ahead of you. Best advice I can give you is this: Ignore the voices. They’re not real, they’re just noise. The only power they have over you is the power you give them. Put your energy into recovery. Stop worrying about whose voices are saying what. That’s not important. Going for a walk, having a coffee in a cafe, reading a book. That’s important. Do that instead.


If you can ignore voices and just do what needs doing like @velociraptor, you’re golden. The ability to block out noise like that and just live is invaluable.


you got to trust it will be ok, that things will work out no matter what,

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I still think I might go to hell it’s pretty annoying since apart from the paranoia I have no other positive symptoms but the hell one is a BIG one to have cos if theres an after life it must be a much larger portion of my existence compared to this earth life which is only 80 years or so. But I’m not sure its just I’m so open minded o can’t help but wonder wat if. If lucky I will just rot away with my physical body or something like that

I’ve always had a lingering feeling that I was destined to go to hell. I don’t think about that much any more. If I get sent to hell I can say I did the best I could.

Good advice. Did they give you feelings In your body?

Sure, as long as my room has air-onditioning and cable.

My voices are not so annoying with medication. I hear them, but they are not agressive. I have learnt to live with them.

I’d just tell the voices it’s fine if I go to hell- because at least I won’t be lonely, all my friends will also be there.

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