Just got back from the dentist

I got a deep cleaning. It’s like a regular cleaning but they go way below the gum line. Scraping, picking, poking. It hurt sometimes. I’m still numbed up. No solid food tonight.

The fact you can let people put their hands in your mouth… That is really brave and lucky.

I do like my dentist. He’s a good guy and his nurse is very nice and patient. But I still have a hard time with it… you have to knock me out.

I’ve had quite a few dentists appointments as of lately. I had a root canal and then the follow up appointments for that. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you who my dentists brother is but my better judgment tells me to keep that confidential. The only thing I like about the dentist is that as someone with social anxiety I’ve found that there isn’t as much of the small talk fears as you’ve got your mouth open nearly the whole time…

I had a tooth pulled not long ago. I was surprised when I had it done because I felt no pain at all. Even the shots were painless. Weird thing was that the second the novacaine wore off the pain was intense, worst I ever felt from have a tooth removed. I spent the week in a Vicodin haze to avoid the misery.

I need to see a dentist soon. One of my teeth is broken so there is a small gap in it. I plan to see a dentist in September when the weather is cool.

I use lots and lots of valium when I see my dentist.