The dentists


I have been putting off going to the dentist… I may just need a filling or even just a cleaning but I am reluctant to go because of the physical pain and potential expense. We are still recuperating financially from the dental stuff my wife had done. I have a friend who decided not to go again until he retired and then decided to do dentures.

I am not having any pain and if money was not an issue I would feel more confident about it and just be anxious about pain. I canceled a couple appointments already because I got kind of ill from being stressed out.


even muggles are scared of dentists.
i have to go this year, i haven’t seen one in 26 years !
luckily i seem to have good teeth…
but like you i have cancelled and backed out, but it is because i am ashamed of my scars…and hate being touched.
take care


I don’t do well with the dentist either. You have to knock me out, it’s the only way. A stranger, with their hand in my mouth?.. You better just knock me out.


I think I will at least do a cleaning and checkup… I will take an Ativan… I also remember hearing that fluoride numbs the nerves a little. Maybe I can use a fluoride rinse before I head in. I am going to make the appointment for early in the am otherwise I will be more likely to cancel.

In the meantime I have been using my electric toothbrush and flossing a lot…


Getting touched, prodded - poked, jabbed more touching, strangers hands in my mouth - getting injections - ■■■■ no


@Wave LOL Just how I feel. You couldn’t have said it any better.


lol Hey alien, just telling it the way it is :smile:


i am more paranoid now i forgot about all the tools they use…the drill…the giant needle…!
take care


good luck…went to the dentist a couple months ago…they wanted to see a list of all my medication and doctors i see…then they said i needed release forms stating i was capable enough to see the dentist and have a treatment…

i decided he was a few french fries short of a happymeal…i was so angry…i only told one doctor–i needed a release…it seemed to be enough…he worked on me and while his hands were in my mouth i felt i was going to gag to death…all he did was clean my teeth…i will never go back…hope the best for you…


A year ago I went to the dentist because one on my molar fillings had finally dropped out after over 25 years.

The dentist said the that the tooth was infected and that the tooth had to be removed.

I said, " no it doesn’t".

She said " yes it does".

I said, " no it doesn’t".

She said " yes it does".

I said, " no it doesn’t".

She said " yes it does".

I finally convinced her to just refill the cavity and that’s that.

She finally agreed.

That was a year ago and the tooth is doing just fine.

All she was interested in was money, money, and more bloody money.

Meanwhile she was bragging about the fact that she, with her lots of money, had to fly over the Paris to attend a friends wedding. Such an inconvenience. Oh you poor selfish rich deceitful baby you !


Years before that which I have mentioned above, I saw a different dentist to get my teeth cleaned, and we ended up talking about schizophrenia. She mentioned that a family member also had been hit with schizophrenia. She then started asking me " Does it hurt ", and was doing so as she was scraping away at numerous teeth just at the gum level. Yes it did hurt.

Years later, when my gum had receded a bit, the areas of which she had been scraping with her dental tools revealed that she had scrapped several teeth to the point of leaving deep indentations.

As the result of this, when I brush my teeth horizontally the bristles of the brush fall right into these indentations and thus cause sharp pains.


The indentations now stand out like a light bulb. You can’t miss them.

Any person with an IQ greater than zero can see these indentations.


I like to go to dentists and take care of my teeth. When I lived in my auto in America from 2000 to 2002 my fillings started falling and I had to go to one Cuban dentist, but when I came back to Finland all dental work had to be redone, because this Cuban dentist in Little Havana, Miami had done his own strange contractions. I go to a dentist at least one a year. Two of my teeth have been removed and I have many fillings, I go to the dentist in this week too for my annual check-up. I brush my teeth at least twice a day.