Weird, weird day

Honestly it felt like I spent my whole day in my dream. When I woke up I was drained like I’d just gotten home from a long day. It was 3 pm. I hadn’t been able to fall asleep until late again. That sent me into a mini existential crisis about the nature of reality again and I was highly out of it and upset for a good while. Thus I didn’t really accomplish anything today even though I have so much work to do…

Sleeping at night is just impossible. Even if don’t get emotional anxiety, it comes out as physical symptoms instead. Constantly having to pee, craving different foods and needing to eat and eat, unable to be comfortable, some compulsive behaviors. It’s very unfortunate. I have been able to break out of this anxiety before on my own but it takes quite some time and having to have good luck in that no triggers for my ptsd come up.

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Next time if you feel uncomfortable try sports, jogging is very useful and helpful to me

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Difficult to do sports at 3 am :sweat_smile: Especially if you’re already exhausted

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“craving different foods”

sometimes, do you crave something, but dont know what exactly?

Do you ever get the feeling that you just something to want?

I have had that happen a bit lately. It is something I dont think I would do if I were more occupied.

If I dont ask, then…

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Listen some music and try Yoga meditation. Anyway, take it easy, don’t be anxiety.

Basically it goes from me wanting a salty food, to wanting a sweet food back and forth which then leads to the endless eating because I can’t ever seem to satisfy the craving because it just shifts into something else.

hmm. Doesnt match mine. was trying to figure out if it is a symptom of anxeity (in myself).
Or just indecisiveness.

Could it be a side effect of a med you’re on, @Anna? Both the eating and insomnia could be from a drug. Just an idea. If so, getting on something else may be what you need to do. Try looking on maybe.

If anything it’s from drug withdrawal because I quit sleep meds. I’ve been off Ativan completely for like…nearly a week now? So maybe if I am off it for longer things will normalize again. I hope so.

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Antipsychotic use generally causes calcium and magnesium depletion, which happen to be tied to sugar and salt cravings. Supplementing them to the daily RDA levels may resolve your cravings. That also reduces extrapyramidal symptoms too, if you’re experiencing any of those.

I’m not on one 151515

May be worth supplementing them still, if you aren’t already.

I probably do need to be on a multivitamin or something I’ve seriously be neglecting my nutrition lately. Probably a large chunk of my lethargy lately is due to persistent malnutrition.

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