Weight loss thread

I just joined a gym. I’m trying to lose about 90 ibs . I’ve lost about 7 already. I’m going to run and swim at least 5 days a week. I also plan on trying to build some muscle to burn more calories. Also want to eat healthier and drink more water.

Anybody trying to lose weight who wants to post on this thread with me?


I am trying to loose weight but not trying hard enough I walk daily or go to the gym and eat mostly protein or oatmeal’s …what med are you on?

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I walk up to 45 minutes every day except Sunday I always have apples and pears in for snacks I eat lots vegetables chicken and turkey I have lost about 4 lbs so far I want to lose around two stone


I lost 18 kilos, but then put back on 8 kilos. I am worried that I will never lose my AP weight. I try to eat healthy now, but I don’t seem to lose any more.

Do you get to a point where you cannot lose any more?


Been doing poorly. In a funk like you get sometimes. Doing good on weights, walking but not much running or cardio so I’ve put on a couple of kilos. Still. 20,000 steps a day on average at a good clip and much more muscle/definition. Way too much sugar!

There’s already a thread going on this which is cool. Funny how stuff falls off the boards in a day or so…good to have some engagement.


Congratulations for making commitment to lose weight :clap:

Losing weight requires negative energy balance and good amount of willpower. My advice is do it slowly, so you don’t lower your metabolism, and go hungry in the process, although hunger is normal, but low calorie diets leaves one with raging hunger, this is where most people quit.

Good luck succeeding in a future.

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We have a thread for weight loss on the Health and Recovery section, you’re welcome to join that one too!

Seven pounds is a good start. You have a good plan.

I have lost 79 pounds from my max, and 28 since starting Zyprexa in mid-March. I limit to 1200-1400 calories per day, and use a nutrition tracker to make sure I am meeting my range. That’s all I’m doing, no exercise, and it’s working. Zyprexa usually makes people gain weight, so my weight loss has been slower than usual, but as long as I keep going down, I’m happy.

I went to gym for about 1/2 hour and swam 1/2 hour. I’m going to start mon doing weights and cardio every other day. I will also swim everyday. The watching what you eat isn’t going to well. I went to sonic in the morning.

I’m trying to lose weight too. I have come to a stand still with my weight loss. I need tips on how to continue losing weight.

You’re either eating too much or too little. How many calories are you eating daily?

I’m lifting my hand weights to today to hopefully get some biceps and going swimming. Today is my day off the gym. I’ll start my weight lifting and cardio every other day tomorrow. I didn’t do to good with watching what I eat yesterday. It was hard to pass on a sonic toaster with tots and ate late into the night. I’ll try again with watching what I eat today. I think eliminating fast food is half the battle. It just tastes so ■■■■■■■ good.

I weighed 160.0 lbs. this morning. Weight loss is so frustrating.

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You’re just a skinny Minnie

Its been a month and I lost 12 lbs

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Today I’m going to gym to do all upper body weight machines. I ate out again yesterday. Today is my day to not eat out. God speed!

That’s good! What you doing?

I can’t seem to lose anymore either. It doesn’t matter how much I try to lose even one pound. Ughhh

You know man what I do is unhealthy… I eat like a bird LOL. So dont be like me

I am still at 193 thanks

It’s pretty frustrating. I think if I stay this weight that’s at least something

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