Weight loss thread

Yeah me too. I haven’t gained or lost in 2 years and I’m starting to think this is as good as it gets

I am on my third day dieting eating protein and carbs, and hiking hope to see an improvement. Looking forward for an iced coffee this week at Starbucks maybe with soymilk and lightly sweetened. Gotten kind of tan but I don’t know why, maybe it is because it is pretty sunny here but I wear sunscreen.

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Good going @GEDchill!

I swam for about 15 mins. There were bees in the pool so I jumped ship. I also did upper body weights for half an hour. I did pretty good on my food intake. I didn’t go out to eat. The only problem is I drank an iced coffee. As I was dispensing it at the gas station it said 550 calorie. There was no going back. I’ll avoid iced coffee from here on out.

The last two days haven’t been good for me. I’ve been tired from getting the injection. I’ll pick it back up again tomorrow.

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