Weighing in

well i’ve lost another 7 pounds, taking me down to 10 stone exactly. another either 7 pounds or 14 pounds to go and that will be that. then it’s just a case of maintaining it. i’ve been eating lots of fruit but today i’m going to treat myself to a subway i think. lots of salad, chicken tikka and light mayo on rye…nom nom…can’t fookin wait! how’s your diet going folks?


Congrats on the lose of weight, Jayne. It’s hard work and disciplining as well. Well done!


I ate thin crust pizza and turkey Caesar salad last night with my gf.

Good for you Jayne - seems like I have been losing weight as well since lowering the Risperdal a bit - havent weighed myself but looks like I have lost some


Wow you’ve done great. It shows a lot of patience and will power. It is right that you still treat yourself to foods you like in moderation. That must make keeping it going and maintaining a lot easier.