19lbs to lose

haven’t yet decided how i’m going to do it but i start tomorrow! eeek! excited muchly. think i’m gonna go the old fruit and veg way for the first week and see how much i lose, oh and a bit of porridge of course…i currently weigh 147 pounds. will let u know how much i’ve lost if any next sunday night. wish me luck folks!


Hey Jayne the telepathy is going away thanks for helping me and good luck losing that weight. I’m in the same boat gained about 20 lbs in the last year all from being on meds and not up to doing anything.

good luck,
i hope you lose all the weight you want.
take care
p.s i just realized, wow, you actually don’t weigh much now !! but i hope you lose the weight.

I just lost 17 lbs in two weeks. It could be 5 lbs less depending on how much I’ve drank, how many clothes I’m wearing when I weigh myself and what time of day it is. But I know for sure that I lost at least 12 lbs.You might have seen it on my thread.

I agree with Sith,you aren’t that overweight now.

I wish I only wanted to lose 19 pounds. But good luck don’t give up.

thanx guys xxx 20 characters

Jaynebeal, next time instead of writing out “20 characters” just hold down the “period” key. That will do the same thing and it’s easier and more convenient.

I am kind of happy that I lost about 5lbs in about 2 weeks, I guess thats good - You can do it Jayne :smiley: