We need a chat room (instant messaging)

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What do think you get from a chat room/ IM over forums?

A chat room sounds like it’d be a real mess. You can use this software like a chat room more or less.

There is two schizophrenia related chatroom on the net,probably there is more…but you can google schizophrenia chatroom then you can find them I am sure.You can also register at crazyboard.org,there is a chatroom inside it’s forum


That’s a good question… You guys have billions of dollars so why not?

■■■■ the world boy…ok?

Thanks boy… What’s it called?

You are absolutely right.

Nothing for you guys

Can I talk to you directly?

As long as they are a

Just open his profile and click private message.

You know? What most people are unaware of is man I would like to meet someone

So how are your drugs doing for you.???

Not as well as I’d like but I’m still getting back to normal slowly. I asked in another thread what meds your on?

In my case I see this illness as more of a cognitive psychological problem. I’m getting to used to what happens in my head and more comfortable in knowing no one has access to it. Life of a schizo. No one thought broadcasts you can merely imagine that it’s happening. The hallucinations kept the delusion afloat for so long.

Really I’m continuously hitting new levels of relaxation. The worst of this illness is behind me. Now it’s all about combating boredom. My sleep schedule is a bit out of sync with everyone else’s. Go to bed at 4 or 5 and wake up at 3 or 4. Keeps me from spending to much money running around all day.

We had a chatroom once. It was a disaster…and a pain to moderate. - I think that’s why we don’t have one anymore.


I’m sorry… I didn’t know this.

So as long as you are making money that’s good enough?

Times and people change.

I don’t think this site makes any money.

So NoT financial viable.