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I was thinking about this yesterday do you think this feature or an official discord server be cool? Or do you think it would be too much. I think I read here that there was a chatroom but it was deleted due to trolling.

It’s hard enough to moderate the message boards with voluntary helpers. Back in the day chat was way too much work for the limited resources which is why it was discontinued.


I like the idea if it was only the people on the forum in the. The problem ive found with schizophrenia support on discord is they end up filled with teenagers who dont have schizophrenia but think its cool to. And it turns into nothing but anime porn and teens larping schizophrenia.

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Yeah I don’t use discord that much because most servers are just teens. I was in a server for bipolar disorder though and the people there were mature and did have the illness.

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I think this server doesn’t exist anymore.

This poll may have been redundant because of the say anything thread but I wanted to see peoples thoughts.

It would probably be really hard to moderate. With so many messages coming in, every second, I think it would be too much to handle.

We have great mods here, and I think it’s important to note that they are volunteers. I haven’t been a mod, but some of the mods have mentioned that there are SO MANY comments and posts that they have to reject. Inappropriate stuff, disturbing stuff, trolls, etc…

We, as the regular forum members, just see this chill forum. But they, the mods, probably have to see a lot of s**t, to keep this forum safe and supportive.

I don’t think it would make sense to have a chat room. This forum is very well structured, well moderated, has clear rules… I feel like a chat room would not fit this forum’s “vibe”. It would be too difficult to stay on top of. It could easily go south very quickly. Too quickly.

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Yeah it must be a lot of work. I can only imagine.

I thought about this too. This was just a question that popped on my head and I couldn’t help but make a poll.

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It hasn’t been bad, lately. At least I haven’t seen any disturbing things in a while. Can’t speak for the others. Might be the change in weather in some areas making better moods.


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